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Thread: about the new speed mechanic

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    about the new speed mechanic

    Hello everyone!

    My suggestion is to change or remove the actual speed mechanic. Atm you get faster or slower when a nearby solider is detected (hope i got it right) but this cause some trouble. Especially when you get into a columns of 4th.

    The problem there is that the boys speed/slower up/down which closes the gaps between the ranks so that its not possible or hard to change back into the battle line. Atm its also hard to march on the same level as your 3 buddys because you are slowed down etc.

    A speed system with our 3 basic speeds (quick/double quick/charge) and the possibility to slow down or speed up a bit ( maybe per mousewheel) would be great)


    You marching in quick time and a by files right order is given so the left part of the formation have to speed up a bit. Its possible to change into double quick and run the curve but if it will be possible to speed (boost) your speed it's easier to adjust your level.

    Let's say quicktime has a speed of 4 double quick of 8 and charge of 12.

    If you spin your wheelmouse up you get a speedbonus on your actual marchingspeed ( quicktime: 4+2; double 8+2; charge 12+0)
    Also the other way round. iff you spin it down it will slower you: (quick 4-2; double: 8-2; charge 12-0) Maybe add it also for charge but i am not sure.

    Thats something which would be very great.

    If you dont want to add such a system please change the actual speed system so it only brings it on the same level as your right/left neighbor.

    A mix of both would be the best

    (sorry for my english it's not the best and it's very late)  02

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    Hi there!

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We understand that certain orders in certain circumstances might be hurt by the dynamic player speed system. The beauty of the system is that it require no advanced user action (as a speed changing mouse wheel would, having to constantly manually changing your speed) which makes it the best choice we think.

    We will be looking into giving you a setting in the options menu where you can turn the dynamic speed system off if you wish to.

    - Trusty

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