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Haven't read through every single reply, just throwing my thoughts out. The 1842 is fine the way it is and mixes things up by forcing different tactics, but I'm also fine with the CSA getting a different weapon for the Hooker's Push map where most of the shooting is long distance and they're at enough of a disadvantage as it is. And on the subject of gun sway, I'd strongly recommend a HUGE reduction in sway and a longer period before starting to dip while In Formation to help encourage players to actually utilize the system (sway being one of the biggest complaints that players tend to have). The only buff that I've really noticed having any real impact is the reduced loss in morale, which isn't a big incentive for me to line up into such an easy target. I keep seeing Union formations being torn to shreds while dealing very little damage themselves, partly due to bizarrely suicidal tactics by the officers but also because the best tactic for the CSA is to spread out and shoot the formation from all directions while the Union fires highly ineffective volleys thinking that they're playing the "right" way by using the new and very incomplete system.
To me there seems to be a reduction of sway when you are in formation. And the CSA does stay in formation sense the buff system was implemented. But we also try to take advantage of cover like fences and such while in formation. So it's not just the Union playing "right".