Leading! I really have no interest in being a rank and file soldier in this game. In fact, in all other games I naturally gravitate towards leadership roles as well; albeit at small unit scale like sections, squads and platoons. War of Rights is most enjoyable to me when I'm moving the line, marching it in column and have it form on the battlefield. I love doing the systematic firing drills so ubiquitous to that era of warfare.

Sadly, I haven't been able to establish myself as a leader in this community. Although I do lead those without a company when I can (I call them "militia") I have had no luck forming a company. I believe the established companies have too much gravity for new companies to succeed. The player base is relatively small to begin with and any new players will naturally be more impressed and interested in companies boasting 100 or even more players already.

I wish there was a more informal way of organizing in game. PlanetSide 2 does this most majestically with "public platoons" where the a good PL will accumulate members over time as the platoon fights over the continent. In War of Rights however, everyone in a company will be either in their own discord/teamspeak anyway and of course favor moving with their own company. Their enormous online presence also attracts players not in a company.

Thus I have come to the conclusion that with no real chance to start a company War of Rights has nothing interesting for me left. I will be taking my leave. Maybe I'll form a string band instead:


But don't get your hopes up.