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Thread: Known Issues & Fixes

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    Angry EXE not showing

    Ive tried all of these options but when i open my game shortcut it crashes. Then in my war of rights folder there is no application or EXE on the folder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeadShark View Post
    Hello dear developers

    Since I have not participated in enough convos, I cannot yet post my own thread. I love the game, but lately when I have been playing it, War of Rights has crashed my internet so to speak. My computer had a hard time to reconnect to the internet. I don't have this problem with any other game. Is there a fix for this that I have not yet found anywhere?

    Best regards.

    Edit: Fixed a spelling error in this text.
    Update: Problem fixed itself.

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    Until the next update patches for the side-switching exploit that allows members from the other team to spawn on the enemy flag as the other team's uniform and kill while avoiding a automatic team kill back, would you be able to ban some of the steam accounts doing it severely? The below account was be the most disruptive possible.

    This "Ruth Nightingale" player is ruthlessly doing the team kill/team swap exploit on the War of Rights Official Server 6 tonight, 6/12/21. I've got a 4 minute recording of him just mowing down as many union as possible, but he was doing this the entire match.

    Steam profile / Steam ID 76561199175104584

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