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Thread: Known Issues & Fixes

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    For the past 3 days, I can hear all players in voice chat simultaneously, regardless of their location. I hear a jumbled mess of 10 people talking at once. I've muted my entire team and still heard voices which were clearly talking about things the other team were doing, so I can even hear the other team's voice chat.

    I've restarted both the game and my computer. I'm using a bluetooth headset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choppa View Post
    I'm using a bluetooth headset.
    Known issue. Read this thread:

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    Tried to get some attention to this on the Steam Forums without much luck.

    Anyone else have issues with the way the Whitworth sight is shown? I get blurring and a T shaped front post that makes it nearly impossible to use the sight. Seems a bit of a counter towards a rifle that's supposed to be some of the most accurate hardware on the field. Is this issue unique to me? Had this across two different systems and it still shows no matter what graphical settings I use.


    Edit: Dunno why the file is so shrunken down, you can still kinda see the weird T shape of the front sight though.
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