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Thread: Daily Skirmishes

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    Daily Skirmishes

    I am looking for 1 or more ppl interested in at least skirmishing for a bit of practice, i log onto skirmish everyday after work and no ones on, sick of having to wait to weekends to play with ppl. Id be ok with some 1v1 skirmishing, at least something. I am CSA through and through so looking for a union player to do a bit of 1v1 action and maybe if we get more, could turn into something bigger. Let me know.

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    Hey, I'd be interested. No so much it 1v1, but I'll take what I can get for the weekdays. If nothing else it would allow me to be able to familiarize myself with the quarks of combat in this game (something I feel I just can't do running around an empty map by myself). What I'd like to do is try and find 10 or so people interested in small relaxed weekday games after work/school.

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    I'm also up for playing afternoon on weekdays, even if it's small.

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    Nice, I'm thinking around 3pm or so Pacific time, so that is 5pm for Eastern Time.

    What timezones people live in, will really determine when we start these games.

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    i live in central

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    I'm constantly checking that dang list for players. :P I live in Central Standard Time (GMT -6) and any time after 1pm would work for me. I tend to idle a lot (usually NA 1) hoping that others will hop on when they see somebody in a skirmish server.

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    I live in Pacific time.

    I could do 1 PM central, that would be 3pm pacific and 5pm eastern.

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    Well it seems to be your lucky day gentlemen as today at 9pm gmt+1 or 3pm est there is a public event.
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    Cool, I'll be there for it, would still like to get some game time during the week tho.

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    4 PM Central works for me. I'll start checking to see if anyone is on.

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