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Thread: Palmetto Sharp Shooters Company K (Jenkins Infantry Regiment)

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    Question Palmetto Sharp Shooters Company K (Jenkins Infantry Regiment)

    1st North Carolina Sharpshooters Company K
    "Spartan Rifles"
    Palmetto Sharpshooters Company K (Jenkins Infantry Regiment)


    The Palmetto Sharpshooters served throughout the war in Virginia and surrendered at Appomattox. The regiment accompanied Longstreet to Knoxville, TN, and then returned to Virginia in the spring of 1864. It was also known as Jenkin's Brigade after its Colonel, Micah Jenkins, and as Bratton's Brigade.

    The regiment lost 9 killed and 74 wounded at Gaines's Mill, and 68% of the 375 engaged at Frayser's Farm. There were 2 casualties at South Mountain, 65 as Sharpsburg, 4 at Fredericksburg, and 44 as Wauhatchie.

    At the surrender at Appomattox, the regiment had 29 commissioned officers, and 356 enlisted men. James M. M. Fall was Adjutant and A. H. Foster was Capt. Commanding.

    Williamsburg (4 MAY 1862)
    Seven Pines (31 MAY - 1 JUN 1862)
    Seven Days Battles (25 JUN - 1 JUL 1862)
    Gaines Mill (27 JUN 1862)
    Frayser's Farm (30 JUN 1862)
    2nd Bull Run (28 - 30 AUG 1862)
    South Mountain (14 SEP 1862)
    Antietam (17 SEP 1862)
    Fredericksburg (13 DEC 1862)
    Wauhatchie (28 - 29 OCT) 1863
    Knoxville Siege (NOV - DEC 1863)
    The Wilderness (5 - 6 MAY 1864)
    Spotsylvania Court House (8 - 21 MAY 1864)
    North Anna (23 - 26 MAY 1864)
    Cold Harbor (1 - 3 JUN 1864)
    Petersburg Siege (JUN 1864 - APR 1865)
    2nd Fort Harrison (30 SEP 1864)
    Williamsburg Road (27 OCT 1864)

    Goals For this Company + What are we going to do , why are we here ?

    Awaiting Mustership by this Dec to Jan

    Hiring 1 Bugler for tactics feel free to volunteer and talk to me

    Competition Against The Union and the Berdan Sharpshooters to give um an even harder fight.

    Company Engagement Days : Sat,Sun and Mondays (7.30pmest - 10pmest )

    Giving a Mood trial period for newcomers approx. 2weeks - 3weeks see how you like the Company and at the end of the time period , New Recruits will be given a chance to make a statement if they would love to stay or not.

    Accepting Cruits with no combat experience or do have it with manoeuvre skills and aiming (don't worry i am highly confident that you will make it in with a good attitude plus my teaching by learning the ropes, surely you will be respected)

    Teamspeak is a need*

    Enlisting Sturdy Eagle Eye Marksmans (Bring a good pair of eyes cause you would be doing alot of callouts and Flanking manoeuvre plus alot of running )

    Command Structure

    2nd Lieutenant Dasche
    Pvt. Saken
    Location Type Based Regiment:NA(Following EasternStandardTime)

    2nd Lieutenant Dasche ,
    "I the Command of the 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters Company K ,will be responsible for disciplinary actions of the Company.Full action will be taken place when a moment like it happens.Keeping my men in good shape and behavior at all times.Mainly respecting other Companies or corps no matter Union nor Confederates.With being trained in the Officers Corps i have full potential and leadership to lead my men into victory. I will keep a sworn oath to fight alongside the Confederacy with it's states rights till the war comes to an end."

    "Greeting Fellow Soldier , I am 2nd Lieutenant Dasche from the 1st Carolina Sharpshooters Company K . I am enlisting men with Sturdy Eagle Eye to become Marksmans' to be seen excelling on the battlefield and progressing through the ranks and time in the Company . We are looking for leadership positions in times to come for individuals that know the rule code of company as well as the passion to be a dedicated soldier and earn your stripes to be respected. If you are falling in this category , we are opening big arms for you to enlist with us. This is a apart of our camaraderie and respect as we reach Company Muster Period and reach higher expectation goals for the Company in whole to make the Company feared by the Northern Boys.Hope to see you enlisted into the Company and See you on the battlefield Soldier."
    Company Status : Highly Active On Weekends (Cause only events ; Weekends,Mondays)

    Volunteer Page:

    Commands Contact :

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    Welcome to the CSA!

    (Can a moderator move this to the company forums?)

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    Welcome to the Confederacy!

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    good luck and bring it to those union boys

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    Welcome to the CSA & good luck Shelton. Looking forward to continuing to work with you and the new sharpshooters company.
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    Some good marksmen are Always welcome

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    Good luck, interested to see how the CSA sharpshooters turn out when the weapons are more fleshed out
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    Thank You boys Looking forward to work with you guys!
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    Good luck to you! And check some of those state designations on the battle history as some are marked as VA where they should be MD.

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    Good luck! I hope you guys end up with the Springfield 1842!


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