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Thread: Server hosting questions

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    Server hosting questions

    AKA: The thread from hell

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    I know very little about the Cry engine. Will servers for this game mimic any other game or will it be entirely its own thing? I am very interested in hosting a server eventually but there are a lot of things that I can't imagine doing without that would make my eye twitch. Servers can really make or break a game and we seem to have zero admin presence currently to go off of. Most of my questions are catered towards the best way of running events that I know of.

    There's a lot! I'm sorry. They don't all need to be answered at all or ever. It's just general concerns of mine. More to follow...

    1. Will there be IP bans? And will bans have a name attached to them or will they just be an IP and/or a steamID? Will there be both permanent and timed bans? This is the type of ban system I'm used to this as a supplement to in-game bans along with the ability to add them without a player having to be on the server:
    2. Will there be logs that a server host can examine to determine who team killed (or team wounded) and what their steamid and IP is? Logs of server chat conversation?
    3. Will an admin be able to mute players from using their microphone? Will they be able to mute ALL players and unmute themselves in order to announce rules verbally? Will there be a setting to enable alltalk? Admin messages?
    4. Will there be server message screens when a player joins a server for displaying rules or announcements? Or links to steam pages or groups or unit websites?
    5. Will respawn times be customizeable or can they be overriden by a server setting? Will 'reinforcement' counts be changeable by admins? Or by server hosts to alter the way a map is played?
    6. Will the rounds be restartable by an admin? Will time limits be removeable or can they be altered by an admin? Can players be team switched by an admin?
    7. Will there be various levels of admin abilities? Simple ban/ kick / mute vs other abilities to restart rounds, etc?
    8. Will admin commands that are used be logged in a file the server host can access?
    9. Will abilities such as teleporting to players or 'bringing' players or 'freezing' players be possible? (As an alternative to doing announcements/rules over an all-talk or in game chat).
    10. Will admins be able to operate anonymously to the server occupants? Can other admins see which other admin is setting commands / banning, etc?
    11. Will a server host be able to alter default map settings (units available, time limits, reinforcements).
    12. If there is team auto-balance, will a server host be able to set different thresholds or remove it alltogether?
    13. Will there be any way of telling when players 'join' a team? Preferably not spamming the 'chat' screen. But somewhere else, so admins know when someone swaps teams to spy on voice comm or to get ticket counts.
    14. Will spectators be able to hear local voice chat? Can a server host change this setting to allow / disallow it? Will there be a way to tell whose spectating?
    15. Will there be map voting functions?
    16. Will there be a command to list the steamids of the players on the server?
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    I hope you don't mind me poorlaggedman, but I have an addition to one of your questions, and it's fine as he said it cannot be answered also.

    11) Can admins restrict weapons or assets in case they do not want it on the map or server for whatever reason?
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    12) Assuming the team morale system is kept, can server hosts adjust the values for individual maps and can that feature be more transparent (such as the values declared at the start) so as to avoid monkey business by a host team? My thinking is that in the event of a campaign-style event or series of event (I don't consider the arbitrary current map rotation a 'campaign') hosted by a server it would help to have the dynamic of being able to adjust these figures based on previous fights. For example you host an event on Saturday that is Burnside Bridge and it's an overwhelming Union victory - you wouldn't start the next map with it's base values for morale. It allows for more replayability from vanilla gameplay.

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