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Thread: Just bought myself Captain pledge.

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    I got buyer’s remorse tbh when I first bought the game but now I love it!

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    I got the Captain 13/10-18 and got some friends to buy the access too .. now we wonder when we actually will get access and can "fumble" around in the game since that option didnt showed up yet - well, we didnt even get the option of the download yet ?

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    You should have received an email with your Steam keys included, check your junk inbox.
    Otherwise, you may have to contact TrustyJam or Fancy SweetRoll about this.

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    Hmmm .. didnt get anything from anyone, not even in the junk :S , neither did my mates

    Ill have to contact those guys asap i guess :S ..

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    Dooooh - My mistake … thx for the extremely fast help from "Emil" /thumbs up !

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