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Thread: Just released early Alpha Wild West Online on 11/15. Are you ready to cowboy up?

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    Just released early Alpha Wild West Online on 11/15. Are you ready to cowboy up?

    Hey ya'll Wild West Online just released early alpha on 11/15/17. The donator levels are $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99. However, the $79.99 is the one giving early alpha access before eventual release on steam. I've got to say I've really been enjoying the game too much already. It has Player Vs Player, Crime and Punishment, Happy Camper, PvE Adventures. Soon it will have free expansions. Home On The Range customizable abode with limited land deeds, Night Manager npc's hire you to protect a structure, The Great Train Robbery...robbing trains or protecting them, Mountain Man...expanded environment, Viva Mexico!...50% expansion.

    I too have been pretty much disappointed by early access donator games, like still waiting $1000+dedicated explorer pack Star citizen etc., etc., etc. But this game has been out for a year is polished and runs on 19-25 fps, the controls are right and is F'en fun already.

    I hope the developers can deliver on all their promises because if they do it's going to be a monster hit. So, I hope to see some of you old ****cowboys without cows playing Wild West Online soon. Are you ready to cowboy up?

    Ps. Watch your reputation because if it gets too low I'll hunt you down for the bounty or I have a dedicated bandit too and payback is hell...

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    Be warned i have this, and its not all that good yet. I would wait if i where you.

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    (Ignore this post. Just a test.)

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    Looks great...
    ...very impressive...
    ...Probably very entertaining...

    What's that big fancy "Download" button all about? Doesn't it cost money to play it?
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