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Thread: Check out -Grand Tactician- First game in the serie The American Civil War!

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    Forgive me for asking as I have not read through the majority of the developer blogs but, will this function in a similar manner to the Scourge of War series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Forgive me for asking as I have not read through the majority of the developer blogs but, will this function in a similar manner to the Scourge of War series?
    Yes a big part of it will!
    They are a huge fan of the Scourge of War series and the total War series. A combination between the two with the experience they have with creating The Seven Years War (1756-1763) game, I have hope for something special. I recommend at least reading this( interview to give you a quick overview of what is to come in this upcoming series , because its not just a single game but a serie of games.

    As a huge fan of Scourge of War Gettysburg, i can not wait!
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    have they confirmed that it's Civil War

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhettVito View Post
    have they confirmed that it's Civil War
    No... I ran my mouth a bit(Sorry GT).. Civil War is not(..yet..) officially confirmed... But you can check the screenshots they suggest the Civil War period.
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    Seems like the Napoleonic Wars to me but who knows, we'll find out eventually.
    Jesse S. Crosby, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - May 6, 1864

    Samuel T. McKenzie, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - September 2, 1862

    Joseph C. McKenzie, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - October 1, 1863

    Henry C. McKenzie, 3rd Georgia Infantry, June 1, 1861 - January 28, 1863

    Charles R. Beddingfield, 38th Alabama Infantry

    Samuel L. Cowart, Cobb's Legion

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    The Civil War (1861-1865) Announcement Trailer

    Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) is a real time strategy game, where you will run your nation, muster, manage and support great armies, and maneuver them to defeat the enemy. Once the opposing armies meet, command your troops to victory in battles fought on historical battlefields.

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    Grand Tactician Releases in Early Access on the 21st of August.
    A Very Special Dispatch, July 21, 2020.


    Sir, we know you have patiently waited for the order to attack. Now it's the time to make the preparations, as the attack is imminent!

    On the 21st of August Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-1865 will be released on Steam, in Early Access, at the price of 39,99 (EUR/USD), some 10% less than the final release price (44,90 EUR/USD).
    This version of the game will include three different campaign starting points (1861, 1862, and 1863), plus eleven (11) stand-alone battles.

    Why Early Access?
    Though the game is playable, we are still hard at work to make the players' experience the best it can be. Specifically, due to the complexity of the game, bugs are still there, and the campaign game-play is not yet balanced well enough for us to be completely happy with it. A save option during battles is also one of the main improvements that the team aims at introducing as soon as possible.

    For players waiting for a more refined and complete game play experience, waiting for the final release is recommended.

    The game will be in Early Access for approximately the rest of the year - until we are happy with it. The time will be used for bug-fixing, balancing, adding more battle maps, and an 1864 campaign scenario.

    Finally, during the early access period, players' feedback will be carefully monitored to improve the game-play experience.

    After the final release, a post-release roadmap will be published, including additional features, maps, and playable content – which will be free to all owners of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentcarter View Post

    Very friendly developers! There project looks really interesting!
    i love the idea of playing in real time.

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