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Thread: Check out -Grand Tactician- First game in the serie The American Civil War!

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    From everything I watched, it looks like a buggy hot pile of garbage. Why would someone make a game and just make a bugger, crappier version of other tactical strategy games? This game was the main was I looking forward to in 2020 and nobody I know says it's any good. What a shame
    It is buggy, but has gotten notably better. It just needs work. It's that simple. I would say in probably 2-3 months it'll be wholly up to snuff. When you sit down and really power through the problems, you can see the floor of a really good game but that floor is covered by a canopy of bugs with vines and bugs all connected to form a tangled mess. It just needs time, which does not excuse how shitty of a state it was in when launched, but, that's the truth.

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    How do the battles compare to Scourge of War?

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    I've never played Scourge of War, but they're very Ultimate Generalish, with the twist that you can rotate maps while in play whereas you can't do that in Ultimate General.

    And as long as your troops are within range you can have tons of reinforcements.

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