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Thread: 1st Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry - Company A - NA/EU

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    1st Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry - Company A - NA/EU

    The genesis of the 1st Regt. Mass. Vol. Cav. is found in Special Order No. 419, dated Sept. 3, 1861, in which Marcus A. Moore, Lucius Richmond, and others were authorized to raise squadrons of cavalry. As fast as the companies were raised they were forwarded to Camp Brigham, Readville, Mass., and were there organized into a regiment of twelve companies. The men were mustered in on various dates mostly from Sept. 12 to Oct. 31, 1861. Colonel Robert Williams of Virginia, an old Regular Army officer, was appointed to command the regiment. It was organized into three battalions of four companies each, commanded respectively by Majors Greely S. Curtis, John H. Edson, and William F. White.

    These three battalions left for the seat of war on Dec. 25, 27, and 29 respectively. The 1st Battalion under Major Curtis proceeded to Annapolis, Md., where it went into camp for a month or more. The 2d and 3d Battalions were detained at New York until January 13, 1862, when they were sent to Hilton Head as a part of the force under Genl. T. W. Sherman. The 1st Battalion came down to Hilton Head in February, 1862, but before it arrived the 2d Battalion had been sent to Beaufort, S. C. This left the 1st and 3d Battalions at Hilton Head. In May the 1st and parts of the 2d and 3d Battalions under Major Curtis took part in the James Island demonstration against Charleston, S. C. About Aug. 19, the 1st and 2d Battalions were ordered to Fort Monroe and thence via Aquia Creek to Alexandria. Thereafter they were attached to the Army of the Potomac.

    In July, 1862, Major Atherton A. Stevens was placed in command of the 3d Battalion -- Co's "I", "K", "L", and "M" -- which was left at Beaufort and Hilton Head, S. C. Major Stevens' command operated on the South Carolina coast as a detached bat*talion of the 1st Mass. Cavalry until Aug. 4, 1863, when by Special Order No. 346, War Department, it was permanently detached and made an Independent Battalion, Mass. Cavalry. As such it operated until the latter part of the following winter when by Special Order No. 70, War Department, dated Feb. 12, 1864, it was assigned to the 4th Regt. Mass. Cavalry becoming the 1st Battalion of that regiment.

    The 1st and 2d Battalions of the 1st Regt. Mass. Cavalry debarked at Alexandria, Va., Sept. 2, 1862, both men and horses being in very poor condition, the men being im*properly clothed and many of the horses unshod. With such part of his command as was fit for the field Colonel Williams participated in the Antietam campaign, losing 40 men as prisoners at Poolesville, Sept. 5. About Oct. 1 the regiment proceeded to St. James' College near Hagerstown, Md. Here it was attached to General Averill's Cavalry Brigade. While the greater part of four companies remained at St. James' College refit*ting and recuperating, two squadrons - Co's "B ", "E ", "F ", and "G" - under Lieut. Col. H. B. Sargent, were detached Oct. 19, and crossed the Potomac with the 5th Corps. These squadrons were engaged with loss at Snicker's Ferry, Nov. 3, and did not rejoin the rest of the regiment until the last of November.

    Colonel Williams resigned and left the regiment Nov. 2. Lieut. Col. Sargent now became colonel and Major Greely S. Curtis lieutenant colonel, while the majors were now S.E. Chamberlain and H.L. Higginson. The inactive part of the regiment remained at Hagerstown until Nov. 14, when it marched via Frederick City to Washington, D.C., arriving on the 16th. On the 27th the bulk of the regiment was reunited at Potomac Creek, Colonel Sargent having arrived with his detachment. During the Fredericksburg campaign Co. "F" was on duty at General Hooker's headquarters, but the regiment as a whole was not engaged, In Jany., 1863, the regiment participated in Burnside's" Mud March," then returned to Potomac Creek and went into winter quarters. In February, 1863, the Cavalry Corps was reorganized, the 1st Massachusetts becom*ing a part of Duffie's (1st) Brigade, Averill's (2d) Division. A portion of the regiment was on picket or on special duty most of the time during the late winter and early spring. Its first engagement of note in the spring of 1863 was Kelly's Ford, fought March 17. At Brandy Station, June 9, it was engaged with loss.

    The battle of Aldie, Va., fought June 17, 1863, was the most severe engagement in which the regiment ever participated. Here it lost 24 killed, 42 wounded, and 88 pris*oners. Among the killed was Lieut. Hugh Carey, and among the severely wounded were Maj. H. L. Higginson, Capt. L. M. Sargent, and Lieut. G. M. Fillebrown. At Gettys*burg a fortnight later the 1st Mass. Cavalry was not in action. It was employed on the second day in bringing up the 6th Corps, and on the third day as provost guard at army headquarters in stopping stragglers and in guarding prisoners. In the pursuit of the Con*federates the regiment was engaged at Jones' Cross Roads, July 11, with slight loss. Dur*ing August, September, and October it was occupied in outpost duty along the Rappahan*nock, being engaged with the enemy at Culpepper, Sept. 13, and Auburn, Oct. 14, with loss. In the Mine Run campaign in late November it was in action near New Hope Church and at Parker's Store with heavy loss.

    All through the trying experiences of the summer and fall of 1863 the regiment had formed a part of the 1st Brigade of Gregg's (2d) Division, Cavalry Corps. About Dec. 11 the regiment settled down into winter quarters at Warrenton, Va., but all through the winter season detachments were engaged in outpost duty, and early in January the entire regiment went on an expedition through Chester Gap to Front Royal in the Shenandoah returning at the end of the fourth day by way of Manassas Gap and Salem to Warrenton. Here the command remained until the latter part of April when the Wilderness campaign was about to begin. During the fall of 1863 and the succeeding winter a new battalion of four companies was recruited in Massachusetts. The new Co. "I" was mustered in Dec. 5, 1863; Co. "K", Dec. 29; Co. "L", Jany. 6, 1864; and Co. "M", Jany.14. The new battalion was in command of Maj. L. M. Sargent, and it reached the camp at Warrenton, March 24 in a driving snowstorm. General Davies now commanded the 1st Brigade.

    On May 4, 1864, the regiment crossed the Rapidan at Ely's Ford, helping to cover the advance of the 2d Corps. Proceeding southward to Todd's Tavern the regiment was there engaged on the 5th losing 3 killed, 25 wounded, and 6 missing.
    Due to a disagreement between Generals Meade and Sheridan, on May 9 the entire Cavalry Corps was sent on a raid toward Richmond, in the rear of Lee's army. In a sharp engagement at Ashland, May 11, Lieut. Edward Payson Hopkins was killed, 10 men wounded, and 12 captured. Not being in sufficient force to take Richmond, the cavalry diverged to the left and the raid ended in the clover fields on the James.

    Rejoining the Army of the Potomac, on May 28 it met the enemy at Hawes' Shop losing Lieut. Wardwell and one man killed and several wounded. After being engaged at Cold Harbor the 1st to the 3d of June, on the 6th it started on the Trevilian raid. At St. Mary’s Church it was engaged with slight loss. Crossing the James June 25, it proceeded to Prince George Court House. Recrossing in July it operated in the region of Malvern Hill and Charles City Cross Roads during the Deep Bottom campaigns. Moving south of the James again on Aug 19, it was active in the region south of Petersburg until Nov. 18 when it went into winter quarters near the Westbrook House. During this period it was engaged with loss at Vaughan road, Oct. 1, and Boydton road, Oct. 27.
    About Sept. 30 Lieut. Col. S. E. Chamberlain became colonel and Maj. L. M. Sar*gent lieutenant colonel. On Oct. 25 the original members who had not re-enlisted were discharged, and the regiment was reduced to a battalion of seven companies. In a raid down the Weldon Railroad, at Bellfield, Dec. 9, Lieut. Col. Sargent was killed by a shell. Maj. John Tewksbury now became lieutenant colonel.

    On March 17, 1865, the regiment was sent to City Point to do provost duty. Dur*ing the assault on Petersburg, April 2, it was on duty in the rear of the 9th Corps. It was active during April in arresting deserters and stragglers in the region west of Petersburg. On May 2 it started for Washington, reached Arlington Heights about the middle of the month, and participated in the Grand Review May 23. It did escort duty until June 26 when it was mustered out and started for Massachusetts. Arriving at Readville, Mass., June 29, the men were furloughed until July 18 when they reassembled and were paid off and disbanded.

    The 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Company A, is an active and fun roleplay community for War of Rights. We accept players from anywhere as long as you are able to come on everyone and a while to do some drilling or skirmishing. We aren't very strict as a community, but we try to keep discipline in game. The Company was first formed on April 15th, 2017, and is still very well and alive. We excpect all our recruits to show respect for all members of the company regardless of rank. We have a company training every Friday at 7pm EST, and a Sunday Community Event everyweek, but every other day we like to hop on a server and do some drills or play in a skirmish. We play as the cavalry units in game, since there arent horses added to the game yet we play using skirmisher tactics. The 1stMA Company A is made up of 2 Platoons. 1st Platoon is lead by 2nd Lieutenant Custer, and is the larger platoon. Second Platoon is lead by, 1st Lieutenant Park, being the smaller platoon but consists of better quality troops. As of now in game the platoons arent put to much use. We all play as one unit. Our Company Commander is, Captain William Murray, the founder and leader of group.

    As of now the 1st Massachusetts is looking to form as a regiment, if any other companies are interested add [1stMa.A]Capt. Murray on steam and we can discuss a possible merge. There are multiple benifits in doing this. Everyone in your company will keep their rank and you will gain men from the merge. Murray would be the Colonel/Major of the Regiment, and there will be no desicions made without consulting the officer staff as a whole. The only actual change is your companies name. This is a great way to expand your company and become better known in the community.

    To join the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, go to the information provided below. Please add [1stMa.A]Capt.Murray on Steam, then fill out the online application and request to join us on the company tool. When you are recruited, Within a certain amount of time between the day you were recruited to a week. You will do a Basic Training with a few other recruits. Even if you know everything its mandatory to do this, after the basic, you will be promted to either Private or Private First Class. One out of all the other recruits will be promoted to PFC based on your performance in the training. When you join make sure you are able to come on atleast once a week. You shouldnt be joining if you arent sure you will be active. The Minimum age to join the 1st Massachusetts is 14,and when joining we expect you will show a certain level of maturity.

    Promotions are given based on merit and loyalty to the company. Members who are mature, active, and friendly will go up the ranks faster. Members who show they are unmature, disobedient, and unfriendly may be demoted, or given a dishonorable discharge. The 1st Massachusetts has a ribbon system where ribbons are awarded to members who show outstanding traits. The Loyalty Ribbon is awarded to those who show a large amount of devotion and loyalty to the company. The Cavalry Ribbon is awarded to those who show dedication and distinguished skill as a cavalier. The Medal of Honor is awarded to soldiers who show skill in all traits of the game including, combat, disciplin, and loyalty.

    Enlistment Links

    Application Form

    Company Tool


    First add all four of the company representatives and message one of them stating you are wanting to join the 1st Massachusetts.
    Next please fill out the application form to the best of your ability and truthfully.
    Lastly, volunteer of the 1st Massachusetts Company Tool page and you will be set up by one of our representatives.
    If any recruits have questions our staff are always available and happy to help.

    Commissioned Officers
    - Captain William Murray
    - First Lieutenant Harley W. Park
    - Second Lieutenant George A. Custer

    Non-Commissioned Officers
    - First Sergeant Hunter Sauls
    - Sergeant O Randall
    - Sergeant James Wolstencroft

    Enlisted men
    - Corporal Nexus
    - Corporal Denton Beckett
    - Corporal Sigsmund
    - Private First Class Robert Gallows
    - Private First Class Fredrick
    - Private First Class PikAss
    - Private First Class Max
    - Private First Class Von Hessel
    - Private Harrison Barlett
    - Private Steven Trombly


    - Private Matthew Walker
    - Private Taran McShane
    - Private Fabian Brunnader
    - Private Artilleryman
    - Private Chamberlain
    - Private Joey
    - Private Womanizer
    - Private Daboogie
    - Private Joseph Hilchey
    - Private Randomhero


    - Recruit Brian Ive
    - Recruit Irishtommie
    - Recruit Mediansatyr
    - Recruit Patrick Dasilva
    - Recruit Kenny Roberts
    - Recruit Rogal Dormont
    - Recruit James O'Quinn
    - Recruit Harrison Cole
    - Recruit Sean Goodwin
    - Recruit Christian

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    good Luck from the 2nd Berdan Sharpshooters Company C

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    Good luck from the 23rdNC!

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    Great to be a member of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry. basic training was very educational and a great experience.

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    good luck and welcome lads.

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