Hi everyone!

The past 10 or so hours have made me very much realize that the old public post for bad behavior thread needed to go.

It was created as a sort of last measure to resolve conflicts without actually punishing people for them (the idea of publically displaying the wrongdoings would be a deterrent).

Instead, it turned much of the community into reporters and against each other. Nothing but negativity came from this as the listed people were upset with the developers and the people reporting them and a lot of dev time was being used trying to police the servers via the reports.

From now on there is no more repoting each other. No submitted evidence will be looked at.

The tradeoff for this is that while, before, you had a chance of just being listed on the bad behavior thread if you did something stupid (racial remarks, griefing, etc) you will now face a straight up ban if you're caught doing it. No warning - just a ban from the game servers.

Testers should be spending time on reporting bugs - not other testers.

- Trusty