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Thread: Original Confederate Flags

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    3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment Company "H".
    Their flag is visible here as a first national pattern with white fringe it's stars are aligned similarly as the U.S. flag and numbering seven.

    Could anyone possibly recreate this flag?

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    6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment


    A recreation of the original 1861 silk issue flag.


    The original 1861 silk issue flag.


    Second issue flag.

    This flag was used after the first flag was retired after the battle of Second Manassas.
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    First national pattern flag belonging to the 18th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. Captured at Fort Donaldson.

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    Has anyone been able to find an example of the Flag of Rowans Battery, 1st North Carolina Regiment Artillery? Closest I have managed is the regimental flag but no artillery flag yet. Wondering if there is one.

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    so why is the 33rd VA battle flag a company guidon, hell it is the wrong size for one? 20200930000557_1.jpg These are the two options they should have Flag_of_Virginia_281861E28093186529.jpgimages.jpg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elderly View Post
    so why is the 33rd VA battle flag a company guidon, hell it is the wrong size for one? 20200930000557_1.jpg These are the two options they should have Flag_of_Virginia_281861E28093186529.jpgimages.jpg.
    Hey Elderly,

    A number of companies carried non-depot issued flags in the Maryland Campaign of 1862, which is the setting of War of Rights. To name a few non-standards you would have seen at Antietam: 1st Texas, 5th Texas, Hampton's Legion, 47th Alabama, 6th Louisiana, 28th Massachusetts, 69th New York, 42nd Pennsylvania, and the list goes on. I found no evidence to overthrow the strong possibility that the 33rd Virginia and especially the 8th Alabama (whose depot-issued regimental colors had been captured a month or two prior) carried their Irish colors into battle. Fun trivia: the 33rd Virginia flag is briefly seen in the opening sequence of Gods And Generals and I think also in the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 1862) sequence.


    Being homemade or privately commissioned, there was no standard size for these so-called "company flags" in either army, although most Union colors deliberately matched the general proportions of a Federal Issue flag, approximately 6 x 6. The Confederacy had no such standard in 1861 when most of these flags were made. As in the case of the 33rd Virginia's Emerald Guards flag, few of them survived, and those that have survived and can be found in archives rarely have included dimensions. But, they varied from 4' to over 8' in length. The Texas flags, for example, were roughly 7x5, Hampton's Legion is said to have been 8x6, the 47th Alabama was, I think, around 6x5.

    Of the "two options" you have shared here for the 33rd Virginia, the battle flag is obviously incorrect for War of Rights. This is a Third Issue which the 33rd Virginia would have receive in June or July of 1863. A dead giveaway is the "HARPERS FERRY" and "SHARPSBURG" aka Antietam battle honor inscribed on the field. Obviously this would not have been carried at Antietam.


    The appropriate battle flag for most of the Confederate regiments in this game is the Second Issue and the 33rd Virginia should also spawn with one of these (it doesn't, yet).


    P.S. Thanks for the kind words on Steam.

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    Don't listen to him Bradley that flag is amazing and should be kept in the game

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    The Emerald Guard flag WAS ONLY CARRIED BY COMPANY E. The other companies did not carry that flag. The Emerald Guard also was not the color company of the 33rd Virginia. the 33rd carried a Virginia State Flag and the Army of Northern Virginia 2nd Bunting Battle Flag.

    On October 30, 1861 Capt. Charles Blackford wrote "All the Virginia Regiments in striking distance of this place were collected around one of the forts and the State flags were presented to them by Gov. Letcher. I suppose we had some ten thousand troops massed and all the Generals, colonels and staff officers making quite an imposing show. The flags are very handsome and all alike, so every Virginia regiment fights under the same flag" Scollins, Rick, and Gerry Embleton. Flags of the American Civil War 3: State & Volunteer, by Philip Katcher, Osprey, 1994, pp. 33–34.

    Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy. Time-Life Books, 1998, p 250.


    four years pg 56.jpg

    Hotchkiss, Jed. Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade. By John O. Casler, Ex-Commander Oklahoma Division United Confederate Veterans, Private Company A, 33d Regiment Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade, 1st Division, 2d Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, Gen. Robert E. Lee, Commanding ... Second Edition, Revised, Corrected and Improved by Maj. Jed Hotchkiss ... Girard, Kansas, Appeal Publishing Company, 1906, by John Overton Casler, Continental Book Co., 1951, p. 56.
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