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Thread: Original Civil War Weaponry

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    Quote Originally Posted by McMuffin View Post
    If you have any original (original meaning non-reproduction) Civil War weaponry, post a picture(s) of it here with as much history or general information as you know about it.
    I have my Great Great Grand Father's original billfold (wallet) and his powder flask. The family oral history is that it's the billfold that he carried during his Civil War years and later (I've never really dated it), but there is no family oral history concerning the powder flask. He was in the 31st Virginia Infantry early in 1862. So it would depend on whether he took personal firearms with him to enlist, and how quickly he was issued or swapped out for a percussion capped rifle. The powder flask does date back to the 1850's.

    Since these are not weapons, I figured I'd post this. If you'd like to see them, I can post a picture. Just let me know.

    Oh, and I also have two boxes of relics that were passed down from my Grand Father and my Uncle, who both live and metal detected in the Shenandoah Valley. I have pics of the two canon balls that were found near Camp Bartow in Virginia.
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    This is amazing to see my great great grandfather served with the 72nd PVI Company F. That officers sword is in very good shape for it's age.

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    Here is a neat item, I actually went to see this at Gettysburg


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    Cool post Kyle

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    I'll have to dig out some of my pieces from the safe.
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    As promised, a sword that I have of the Eagle family; as far as I can tell a 1840's circa Horstmann design. I use it as my Parade and Dress formations sword.





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    Nothing compared to a lot of the stuff posted, but a good ol Springfield 1842, made at Harpers Ferry in 1846.image0.jpg
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