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Thread: Original Civil War Cannons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchconfederate View Post
    The CSA Baltimore Battery Started near the West Woods and shift towards Dunker Church.

    According to a tablet on the battlefield at Antietam, the battery's single 12 pounder howitzer was of iron rather than the usual bronze, and was unique at the battle.
    Source: &

    On the morning of the 17th the artillery on Lee's left engaged Federal batteries for nearly two hours. Federal infantry threatened the position near mid-morning but was met by Jackson's infantry. The infantry battle soon shifted further south toward the Dunkard Church and again the artillery found itself with little support. Federal infantry massed in front of the artillery and soon advance. Brockenborough, temporarily in command of his battery and five others, 24 guns in all, orders his men "Do not pull a lanyard until you get the command." He waited until the Federal line was nearly on top of his guns, then all 24 opened with double canister. Three times the Federals charged, and three times they were repulsed. W.W. Goldsborough writes "The ground was literally covered - nay; piled - with the slain and amimed of the enemy."

    You pull that long quote from the Screenshot post I made about the MD Regiments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rbater View Post
    You pull that long quote from the Screenshot post I made about the MD Regiments?
    No I pulled it from
    Who made this company 2 years ago and had that information about Antietam. But I have seen your post also.

    Shame these guys disbanded after the first bull run
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