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Thread: Regiment Suggestions and Bugs

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    That seems problematic if the vast majority of regiments won't have any visual representation in this game. If there is concern about unnecessary loading times and duplicated aesthetics (which I understand and appreciate), perhaps some solution could be made regarding the selection of regimental flags? I imagine for most Union and Confederate units, the flag would be the only visually distinct element that sets it apart from others.

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    Well eventually you would want to load in your personal character from your game menu or Company Tool connection. That would seem more logical then loading in all the possible characters on both sides would it not? Especially for the Antietam battle mode or whatever it will be called.

    Maybe load in options can be edited on private servers? So people could spawn in as the unity they represent in the game? The thing I am waiting for the most is the option to load in as a regiment together and not having to worry about people being stuck on the other side. But again that is something for a different game mode which has zero priority at the moment.

    - Artillery
    - South Mountain maps
    - Musicians
    - Horses

    - New battle mode

    is that the order that is being followed at the moment?  685

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