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Thread: What are you reading? (Civil War related)

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    One of my favorite things is when modern 'historians' author books on material which was written or published at the time of the Civil War but which were never properly released or archived and they themselves copyright it in the fashion they publish it. That's almost as good as the many historical societies sitting on collections of photographs which they won't release digitally because they want to monetize them through books and such. If they were to slip up and release the original photographs or manuscripts digitally, all bets are off because they don't actually own the rights to it.

    All the copyrights are totally expired on the original material of course 100 years ago. People will of course exaggerate their rights. I just had a guy tell me it would be illegal to publish a photo of their item on display because they think they magically have the rights to anyone else's images of the item as well as the item. These shysters are well within their rights to simply not release it (they physically own it) but instead create a work based around it and release that. This isn't the case as far as I know. Harper's Weekly archives are easily available. So is Frank Leslie's weekly magazine. So are most of them TBH. I wouldn't waste your money on that when you can own the entire real thing for free via Kindle or whatever device you want. Although you can also find people who will happily charge you for the files too.

    Matter of fact... the version you linked seems to be identical to an 1894 release (copyright is long-expired).

    Here it is for free:
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    I'm still writing and researching for my own part, but meanwhile I'm also reading: They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South
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