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Thread: Federal Workshops

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    Federal Workshops

    Last night's customs and courtesies workshop was a success. We had a modest showing with some great leadership.

    Thank you:
    • Maj. Raider - 4th New Jersey
    • Cpt. Drum - 14th Brooklyn
    • Cpt. Larson - 8th Michigan
    • 2LT Jones - 38th Pennsylvania

    There were a few others, if you see this please drop a line so I can add you to my thanks.

    Without you gentlemen it would not have been successful. After discussing this with them we decided to do this maybe once every few weeks with a new topic and a commander to lead the discussion. This is how we educate our community and filter out the negativity. We have that responsibility as Alpha Testers.

    We will be posting the workshops here from time to time with the current topic.

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    It was a great idea and well executed. I look forward to the next session

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    what is this

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