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Thread: Company Poaching

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    Company Poaching

    I along with a few other companies experienced some company member poaching the other day. It is highly unprofessional and reflects poorly on the leadership of the receiving company. I have had people from other companies approach me, when I am fully aware that the person is a part of the company I usually contact the commander and await a response. Even if it takes a couple of days. This has not been the case here recently. What are people's thoughts on this?

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    Keep petty unit squabbles off the forum. That's my thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravescot View Post
    Keep petty unit squabbles off the forum. That's my thought.
    It is an unfortunate thing but it does happen. There isn't much to be done about it other than ignore and move on. Players are not a commodity to be jealously held; enjoy the game, foster an amicable community within your own company and folk will stay.

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