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Thread: Kill Report

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    Squad does not provide you a kill feed/ kill stats until the end of the round...and in the end no one cares how many you killed
    Post Scriptum does not provide you a kill feed/ kill stats until the end of the round...and in the end no one cares how many you killed
    War of Rights goes the same direction...

    Those three games are focused on a team goal, take/defend an objective. I know that decades of KD focused, where the only positive feeling was your KD at the end, game play makes some think that this is an important aspect and is needed or otherwise a game is not fun. Until today I fail to understand why, if the gameplay itself can not motivate you neither will a kill feed/ kill statistic. The mentioned games are not really made for run and gun gameplay, if you are not into team based gameplay, strategy and should consider moving to other game segments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    It won't but it may change the behavior of the player during the match. You might get tempted to ignore your team/officer orders more so in order to get those extra kills than you would have if said extra kills weren't showed to you at the end of a round, meaning less teamplay.

    This is why we show team statistics and not individual statistics at the end of the round.

    - Trusty
    And please continue this. This game is unique in it's reliance on team cohesion and tactics, anything that even hints at individual aggrandizement would put it on the path to a dozen other fps games already out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Rebel View Post
    You necro'ed a thread that had been dead for a year just to say, "This"?

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    In all fairness it was probably still on the first page of the forums since forum engagement is so ridiculously low in this community.
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    An individual kill report would be so opposed to what I consider the essence of the game, that it well might make me just quit. I hope it never gets added.

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    This game does not need a personal kill report plenty of other games that have that. This game is unique in its own way and it needs to stay that way. Adding a kill counter will only encourage more out of line killed nonsense. Go play Holdfast: Nations At War if you need a kill counter. The only kind of kill counter I would think would be something would be maybe a regimental kill counter. At the end of the round it would show each regiment how many kills they had but never a personal kill counter. Adding a regimental kill/death count would just basically boil down to bragging rights of what regiment was doing more work. Although I really do like the current way it is. Just my two cents on it.
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    After what I saw courtesy of Xbwalker this past Wednesday, I highly welcome a k/D counter for regiments.

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    @LaBelle I saw the same and I don't believe any of my company would feel the need to Rambo just to boost that. I understand the hesitation, but we used those numbers to try to make ourselves better players. We play the game with teamwork and what I got from seeing the results was that we are doing things the right way. low deaths, nearly twice as many kills and I would wager heavily that the number of out of line deaths was very small. I would suggest maybe a trial of it since we ARE in alpha anyway....if it brings a plethora of Rambos out of the woods, then bag it....
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    I’m brand new to this game and have been looking forward to a game like this coming around. My 2 biggest history passions are WWII and the American Civil War.

    I used to play WWIIOL (WWII online), and the draw for me was there was no immediate kill system. They did have however , have an after mission report, and promotion system based on kills. But for me, the immersion factor was never knowing if you got a kill or not. In a game like that, if you were flying a bomber, it was nice to see a bomb damage report, but that happened to an extent in real life. The same could well be true for tank kills. But again, this were done AFTER mission.

    Now, having said all that;

    They had NO way of determining kills/loses during a battle. Fog of war was at times literally, FOG, due to smoke and debris. There were no kill counters! You knew you won at the end of day if you were alive and in one piece.

    Working as a team in this environment is the only way to ensure you succeed. It was true then and it’s true in this game.

    Any sort of kill counter, pop up, or scoring system would destroy the immersion factor for me.
    I’m happy with the way the end result is determined, and in my short time playing, commanders have expressed glee after a volley when they see multiple enemy fall. That in itself is enough satisfaction for me.

    Stay the course. This game is going to be even greater than it is now.
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    I hope so. I would like to play it myself one of these days.

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