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Thread: 9th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment "Hawkins' Zouaves"

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    warboy, theres so many things wrong with your comment, just FYI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warboy View Post
    Funny thing is I heard the exact opposite from a lot of sources including union of BG members getting banned as soon as they try to jump on a server with you guys, that along with the 8 duplicate accounts of some of your members poaching BRW members(another thing told to us from the union side) so I don't know what's true or not or what to believe but none of its good for either side
    All of our members II Corps/BRW-NA/PB have been banned from BG Servers, in response we have decided to ban ONLY officers (by case situation/not every officer has been banned) BUT i made it a point to make sure all admins know that ALL enlisted and NCO'S are welcome to play....banning an entire faction due to in game politics is just a sham and really just kills an already small niche type community...........the 8 duplicate accounts were members from a regiment of BG (the opposite of what your being told) that hopped onto our server with fake Union tags to recruit, i haven't heard they were trying to recruit BRW guys but the real problem there was they were bashing II Corps in its own server.....water under the bridge at this point as ive already received an apology from regiment in question (not going to put that unit on blast, as said its already been resolved)

    Quote Originally Posted by Warboy View Post
    Like come on everyone 'WAKE UP', we're a very small community that can't afford this stupid petty bullshit, I urge 1st corps, 2nd corps, BG, BRW, FA brigade and any other war of rights groups and company commanders to get together for this 'so called' meeting and GET IT FIXED!!!! so we can run two events on the busy days simultaneously and rotate around fighting each other in a respectful way or figure something similar out but PLEASE get it done for all our sake's.

    There I said my part and everyone in this community knows me for my fairness and neutrality or at least I try anyways
    Agreed again, however we didn't start the beef/banning/making up stories to try to sway opinions against always we are open to discussion and i couldn't agree more my man the game is way to small to have this kind of a beef amongst units.

    @Leifr no worries, everyone is keeping it civil but something needs to be said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckhart View Post
    warboy, theres so many things wrong with your comment, just FYI.
    As I said I don't know what's true or not these days but I am right in saying that we need to look past/squash these issues dividing the community and start working together for the future.
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    Thank you all for your interest in the 9th New York Volunteers - Hawkins Zouaves! Please join our discord and a staff member can assist you with our enlistment process.


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