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Thread: Graphic Design and Web Design services available to the WoR Community

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    Anyone in need of graphic design for forum posts and more please feel to reach out I accept donations for my work, below are my latest projects.

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    My latest work, if you need a forum post, or signature just dm me.

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    You know, you're too picky. I like everything about this forum design. Let me explain: when you go to the office of a cool company and pay money to get a cool web design done at your expense, you have no idea what you're signing up for. It's your own money. You invest it, and then customers come in and say, "We are so uncomfortable reading anything you have. Oh, this white background is bad, black, too. Honestly, I'm busy as a bee trying to do something better. I was looking for the right one on, and they made me a sketch. I was satisfied with everything with the customer's wishes in mind. But there are times when you can't please someone anyway
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    Who are you talking to?

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