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Thread: U.S. Military Active/Retired Thread (What branch did you serve in?)

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    USA President

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    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Usmc 1984-1993

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    USMC 97 to 02.
    Security contractor in Afghanistan 04 to 06.

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    US Army 12B (Combat Engineer) RA, 08-12 (Fun note, my enlistment date, Sep 09 2008, was 30 years to the day after my father's date of enlistment) AR 12-16. OIF 09-10.
    Really hope Sappers get added to WoR, even if my purview is more, "destroy" than "build".

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    Another combat engineer here. But not a veteran by our standards.

    10 month Mandatory service from aug 2001 to june 2002.
    (back when we actually expected most men to serve as their citizen duty)

    Joined the Home guard back in 2003 and have been a member ever since.
    But have not been active since 2006.... got tired of fighting the bureaucracy so have focuses on reenactment ever since.
    (Just got my uniform and basic gear in case the balloon goes up. This give me the right to show up and I figure someone can use me somewhere in that case)

    Then as a professional soldier early 2007-mid 2008.

    Spend most of the time as a "carl gustav" gunner in a Mechanized combat engineer platoon. But also did a bit of reconnaissance.
    (No not some special forces stuff. Just in the engineer company light reconnaissance section. We could do reconnaissance looking for the enemy, but the main job would be inspecting bridges, finding spots for laying bridges, minefield and similar stuff)

    Trained for a deployment to Helmann province, Afghanistan in 2008, But a injury in a soccer match got in the way, so I left and went to university instead.
    Got a degree in archaeology but focused on museum work, and not on digging.

    Sometimes joke that I left the army because I got tired of digging holes in the ground... so didn't want an academic job digging holes in the ground.
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    Thomas Bernstorff Aagaard

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    United States Navy (2017-???) IT3(Information Systems Technician, Petty Officer 3rd Class)

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