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Thread: Equipping/unequipping bayonet bug and unavailable unit

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    Equipping/unequipping bayonet bug and unavailable unit

    Bayonet Bug, If I have the bayonet equipped and pressed B to take it off but hit B again to cancel the action. The bayonet vanishes while being equipped yet when you go into melee mode, it makes you use the gun butt. Then i would have to press B again to unequip the bayonet to actually use it correctly.

    The 39th New York was unavailable when we reached Washington Street map, I'm unsure about the unit on Downtown since I havent played that map yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    Issues just related to this update:
    If an NCO, saber and rifle combo, figuring out what is going on in melee mode is a mess.
    The 'T' has been breaking for folks to the extent that we cannot even see the scoreboard or textbox, anymore.
    +1 : my entire HUD was gone and also "TAB" didn't work ...
    +1 : as an NCO I could not select my musket at once, took me some button smashing to switch my sword out
    +1 : my Bayonet also disappeared while it should be on (we used to have this when not completely having the animation play out, like putting it on and start moving out thinking its on)

    VOICE CHAT : on drill, no matter where people where (close or far) I could hear them talk about the same volume ?
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