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Thread: *List of Active regiments/companies in War of Rights*

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    Exclamation *List of Active regiments/companies in War of Rights*

    Okay for the sake of fairness and not favoritism, regiments will be put on the active list as long as they meet these three conditions:
    1. Have a forum page setup and are active on the forums here 2. Have a consolidated company of at least 10 different members on company tool and maintain it 3. Have at least 5 different players active in game at once on a monthly basis represented with tags(screenshot of in-game player tab)

    If for some reason now or in the future they can't meet these requirements then they will be removed from the list until their active again and I will be updating the list on a weekly basis. *This is for the new and experienced players alike that are looking for the most part steadily active regiments* Below is a list I've compiled, if I missed you and you meet the two conditions then PM me here on the forum and I'll add you (you can have a max of three representatives for your regiment)

    Active CSA Regiments
    3rd Alabama - Cpt. IDOTS, 1st Lt. George (part of the United European Community)
    6th Alabama - Cpt. Timo, 2nd Lt. Mayer, 2nd Lt. Antastadkiwi
    8th Florida - Cpt. Tiser, 2nd Lt. Rich, 1st Sgt. Armistead (part of the United European Community)
    1st Georgia - Lt Col. Chickymauga, Cpt. Vulcarin 1st Lt. Warboy (also contains Spanish speaking company)
    6th Louisiana - Lt Col. Redleader, Maj. Cowles, Cpt. Cleburne (also contains French speaking company)
    21st Mississippi - Cpt. Cooper, 1st Lt. Niroc, 1st Sgt. Johnson
    18th North Carolina (German speaking) - Maj. Von Winkler, 1st Lt. Mallow (part of The German Volunteers)
    21st North Carolina - Cpt. Vaesen, 2nd Lt. BlackKnight (part of the United European Community)
    15th South Carolina - Cpt. Craps, Sgt. Graham Scott
    7th Tennessee - Col. Spades, 1st Lt. Finnkenobi, 1st Lt. Calmmyst
    1st Texas - LtCol. Labelle, Maj. Mjtheko, Cpt. Philip Work
    4th Texas - Maj. Lord Drax, Cpt. Broos
    10th Texas - Cpt. HIKKUPZ, 1st Lt. Marshman (ANZAC based)
    8th Virginia - Cpt. Moon, 1st Lt. Dogface, 2nd Lt. Commodore
    9th Virginia - Col. Armistead, Cpt. Weisse, Cpt. Nigel Walsh
    33rd Virginia - Col. Hound4, Maj. Jordi
    Troup's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Úlfur, 1st Lt. Valk, 1st Sgt. Cooley

    Active USA Regiments
    65th Illinois - Maj. Reese, Cpt. Starwars, Cpt. Joecool
    1st Maine aka 1st Cav (dismounted cav) - Maj. Staples, Cpt. Crum, Cpt. robbey (part of 9th Corps)
    1st Massachusetts (dismounted cav) - Cpt. Murray 1st Lt. Custer, 1st Lt. Park
    1st Michigan - Cpt. Jaxes, 1st Lt. Len Mosby
    17th Michigan - Maj. Lind, Cpt. Raider34 (part of 9th Corps)
    1st New Jersey - 1st Lt. Reznikov, 1st Sgt. Reyes
    2nd New Jersey - Maj. Crazyize, Cpt. Lucky Lad
    4th New Jersey - Cpt. Raider, 1st Lt.Meessen, 1st Sgt. Paine
    9th New York (Zouaves) - Maj. Tyler, Cpt. Emerson (part of 9th Corps)
    39th New York (Italian speaking) - Cpt. Davide, 2nd Lt.TheSommy (part of the United European Community)
    51st New York - Cpt. Alpha1-Foxhound, 1st Lt. Snips
    52nd New York (German speaking) - Cpt. Paul Frank, 2nd Lt. A.Fritz (part of The German Volunteers)
    69th New York - Lt Col. Hairy, Sgt Maj. Daniel
    95th New York - Maj. Ross, Cpt. Stone (part of the United European Community)
    42nd Pennsylvania - Cpt. Stone *DO NOT add us to join, you will be rejected. Fill out this application form first and wait for response back*
    69th Pennsylvania (Zouaves) - Cpt. POTUS, 1st Lt. McNamara
    72nd Pennsylvania (Zouaves) Maj. Baxter, Cpt. Kyle, 2nd Lt. Bo Duke
    4th Rhode Island - Cpt. Anti, 1st Lt. Speckles (part of 9th Corps)
    7th West Virginia (Russian speaking) - Cpt. SUWAROW, 2nd Lt. Green (part of the United European Community)
    2nd Wisconsin (German speaking) - Cpt. Foley, 2nd Lt. J.Cartman (part of The German Volunteers)
    6th Wisconsin Cpt. Wallace, 1st Lt. Qrow, 2nd Lt. Bush
    7th Wisconsin - Col. Ulysses Grant, Cpt. TeddyBear
    2nd U.S. Sharpshooters (Berdan's) Cpt. Winn, 1st Lt. Clark

    1st Tennessee - Cpt. Sharp (still has to make forum page/thread)
    5th Texas - Cpt. James (still to make forum page/thread)

    ALL NEW PLAYERS HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THIS TRAINING VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND THE GAME BETTER!!!!! - credits go to Maj. Vulcarin on making this very informative video

    If ANY commander or regimental recruiter wishes to have their steam profile url posted next to their regiment send me a pm on forum here with your steam profile address, then I can add them and all that a new recruit will have to do is click on the steam icon next to their name.
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    I would say if they have low active attendance though, as some of the units on that list only have a few people show up and are honestly far from active as they wait for beta.

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    Ehhhh... Lol
    Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    May mean more work, but take tag attendance for the weekend and cut every company that fails to attend at least one of the five. Say goodbye to half that list, or more.
    That sounds a bit rash. What about the companies that don't attend on weekends but rather Monday evening or Wednesday afternoons or companies on a brief break so as not to get burned out on the game, vacations, etc.?

    On another not let's not work Warboy so hard as he's already done so much for the community with this and beyond this effort as well.

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    I also agree with what Shiloh say.

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    Somebody sounds grumpy.
    Great list warboy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warboy View Post
    Sorry if I came off strong, I've just been really stressed out as of late working above and beyond for this game that is all and people nitpicking my hard work just rubs off the wrong way (if they have issue- tell them to make their own list), you may have not intended that and I'm sorry.
    Hah! I know that feeling (Harpers Ferry, anyone?).

    In all seriousness though thank you for taking your time to keep track of this, I can see how it can be very valuable to the community - thanks!

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    Harpers Ferry, anyone?.

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    All suggestions are valuable. I just wanted to provide the opposite perspective for people/regiments who don't game consistently on weekends... myself included. I would hate for them to be taken off this list - which would help them recruit - for that reason.

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    Lyman Trumbull use to keep up a list of regiments.

    Last time it was updated was 27th November 2017.
    But might still be useful (has some good ideas) and yes the upkeep is not to be underestimated … so I appreciate the work people but into it.

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