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Thread: 8th Florida Infantry & Lynchburg Virginia Artillery [CZ/SK/NA/EU]

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    Post 8th Florida Infantry & Lynchburg Virginia Artillery [CZ/SK/NA/EU]

    Interested in joining? Follow the guide below!

    Contact us on Discord!

    8th Florida Infantry is one of the oldest active units in history of War of Rights. Together with artillery unit Lyncburg Virginia Artillery or "Moorman's Battery", represent European, American and Czechoslovak communities in the game. We are also the one and only working Florida unit. 8th Florida has been led by Captain Josef Tišer for the last two years. And ever since, our ranks have been growing and we currently hold two battle-ready companies of battle-hardened veterans as well as young new recruits. Although the ranks of 8th Florida primarily consists of volunteers from various countries like United States, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Britain and Czechia. We still honor the Floridian origin of the unit. And we can also pride ourselves as currently being the unit that has the largest unit of the CZ/SK community in the game. We are a semi-hardcore unit that focus on being well-trained, organized and disciplined. Like how a true confederate unit should be, with immersive gameplay, which we look for it to be "enjoyable authenticity". We also conduct roleplay and skirmishing that isn’t missing on our drill-grounds. Our drill sessions are focused on the historical accurate Hardee's drill manual, which we implement on the battlefield. We also regularly sponsor community events and keep close cooperation with other regiments that we fight with. We are also one of the founder members of the United European Community, that is recognized by Campfire Games, the developer of War of Rights. We are the best of the best from the sunshine state! “Any fate but submission!”

    A large number of our new players are of Czech and Slovak origin, and they have been joining us at the beginning of 2019. And because our long-term goal is to create a fully operating CZ/SK company, we are pleased to announce that we formed a Company C. This company is a company that is exclusively filled with our CZ / SK volunteers. And together with Company A, the two companies form the 8th Florida Infantry, 1st Battalion. Company C is already established on the Company Tool.

    8. pěší battalion je jednou z nejstarších aktivních jednotek War of Rights. Společně s dělostřeleckou jednotkou Lynchburg Virginia Artillery nebo "Moorman's Battery", reprezentuje evropské, americké a československé komunity ve hře. Jsme také jediná mezinárodní/slovanská jednotka ve hře. Od posledních dvou let, pod vedením kapitána Josefa Tišera naše řady rostly a v současné době máme dvě bojeschopné roty zocelených veteránů i mladých nových rekrutů. Ačkoliv se v řadách 8. pěší primárně skládají dobrovolníci z různých zemí jako Francie, Finsko, Španělsko, Švédsko, Belgie, Německo, Británie, Česko a Spojené státy, stále ctíme floridský původ regimentu. Můžeme se také pochlubit tím, že jsme v současné době jednotkou, která má ve hře největší jednotku komunity CZ / SK. Jsme semi-hardcore jednotka, která se zaměřuje na to, aby byla dobře vycvičená, organizovaná a disciplinovaná, přesně jak by měla být skutečná jednotka konfederace. S hlubokým gameplayem se zaměřujeme na"příjemnou autentičnost". Také vedeme roleplay a skirmishing, které nám nechybí na našich cvicištích. Naše cvičení se zaměřují na historicky přesný Hardeeho Drill Manual, který realizujeme na bojišti. Pravidelně sponzorujeme komunitní akce a udržujeme úzkou spolupráci s dalšími jednotkami, se kterými bojujeme. Jsme také jedním ze zakládajících členů United European Community, spolku který je uznáván samotnými Campfire Games, vývojáři War of Rights. Jsme nejlepší ze nejlepšího na slunci! "Jakýkoli osud, ale odevzdání!"

    Velký počet nových hráčů českého a slovenského původu se k nám připojilo začátkem roku 2019. A protože naším dlouhodobým cílem je vytvořit plně fungující CZ / SK rotu, s potěšením oznamujeme, že jsme založili Company C. Tato rota je výhradně pro naše CZ/SK dobrovolníky. A společně s rotou A tvoří 8. pěší floridský battalion.

    Organized in the town of Lake City, over 950 men volunteered under the command of Colonel Richard Ferdinand Floyd. Its members were raised in the counties of Walton, Washington, Jackson, Santa Rosa, Escambia, Leon, and Gadsden. Soon after the regiment had been organized it was ordered to move to Virginia where it joined the 3rd Virginia, 14th Alabama and the 2nd Florida and 5th Florida, under command of Brigadier General Roger Atkinson Pryor, as a consequence, it became known as the „Florida Brigade“ initially assigned to Wilcox’s Division of the Longreet’s Right Wing. From now on, these three Florida Regiments stayed together until the end of the war. Fighting in every future engagement together as one Brigade, this is also making the 8th Florida one of the only three regiments of Floridian origin, serving during the whole Maryland Campaign and until the end of 1864 in the whole Eastern Theatre. Lower number of regiments had only Arkansas. 8th Florida would be baptized in battle of Second Manassas supporting the confederate attacks on the 2nd day. After the battle and reorganization of the Army, Pryor’s Florida Brigade was assigned to the Richard Heron Anderson’s Division.

    Crossing the Potomac near Leesburg early in September, the Brigade marched through Frederick City over South Mountain into Pleasant Valley and participated in the capture of the Federal forces at Harpers Ferry, the largest scale surrender of Union troops throughout the war. Soon after they hurried with a forced march to the field of Sharpsburg. Marching whole night the gait of northward march took a serious price on the new Florida regiments. Many men fell out along the way and were left behind. Reaching the Antietam lines in the morning of 17th.

    At the battle of Antietam, they joined in the battalion of the famous 1st Lousiana Zouaves, due to the illness of Colonel Floyd, overall command was given to Lt. Col. Coppens. Despite failing to get propperly rested and fed at around 10:00 a.m., Anderson's division received orders to move to the support of D. H. Hill's beleaguered troops, entering the Sharpsburg fight. Unfortunately for Confederate hopes, R. H. Anderson was shot through the thigh early in the engagement. As a result, the command fell into chaos. Col. Coppens was killed almost immediately after getting under fire in the cornfield. Capt. Robert Aurelius Waller then assumed command and was also killed with the colors of the regiment draped over his shoulders almost immediately afterward. The flagstaff having been shot in two, the colour bearer and colour guard were all either killed or wounded. Having been previously wounded in the meantime between Col. Coppen and Capt. Waller deaths, Captain David Lang bought it as well, fortunately surviving the blow. So finally, next in line, Capt. William Baya led the regiment till the end of the engagement. Practically leaderless, the three Florida regiments approached the vicinity of the sunken road disorganized and stretched thin. The Rebels could stand only so much and the defenders of the Bloody Lane gave way to rout and headlong flight. As well as the rest of R. H. Anderson's division, Pryor was caught up in the confusion and retreated rapidly through the cornfield and orchard. Sunken Lane being already slaughter, Florida Brigade just raised the bar having lost 282 men a casualty rate of nearly 50 %. That morning 8th Florida joined the action with none but 120 men. The rest was scattered among the Hospitals sick, for 150 miles.

    Despite being previously left sick in a Virginia hospital, Col. Floyd rejoined his unit in time for the battle. He arrived on the field just as the line collapsed and left vivid account of the confusion he encountered during the retreat. "The battle was raging for nearly 5. miles. I reached the centre, dismounted and started walking toward the fight. Finally, I met several of our poor fellows coming off wounded, some mortally, and asking them for our Regiment they piteously replied: They are all killed, wounded, or dispersed.”

    Five days later after the battle took place, Col. Floyd resigned due to poor health. Capt. David Lang, who had already shown a flair for leadership, soon replaced Floyd as colonel of the 8th Florida. But before receiving official promotion, he additionally received a bad wound in the head at the battle of Fredericksburg. During November 1862, the War Department in Richmond also combined the three Florida regiments into a single brigade. Making the name „Florida Brigade“ definitive. The Florida Brigade also received a new commander, the distinguished Edward Aylesworth Perry. Perry's boys remained in Anderson's division of Longstreet's First Corps.

    Under Lang's command the regiment lost 7 enlisted men killed, 37 wounded, and 44 missing at Fredericksburg, when the regiment went to the support of the two Mississippi Regiments under Barksdale, at the river where the Federals were endeavoring to lay their bridges. In General McClellan's report he says: "It (the 8th) acted gallantly and did good service." .Colonel David Lang and his Major Thomas E. Clarke were badly wounded in the head. Captain William Baya of Company D was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

    Under Col. Lang's command the Florida Brigade fought at Gettysburg in July 1863. They were attached to Pickett's Division, and took part in the famous attack on the Union center on the 3rd day. The regiment brought 176 men to the field. Lieutenant Colonel Baya commanded the regiment while Colonel Lang was temporarily in command of the brigade. The Eighth Florida lost 18 men killed, 83 enlisted men wounded and 11 men missing. And the regimental colors were captured by Sergeant Thomas Horan of the 72nd New York infantry Regiment. In the last year of war the Florida Brigade fought at Cold Harbor in June 1864 and Petersburg during the winter. The brigade retreated with the Army of Northern Virginia and surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865. Colonel David Lang was part of the Confederate delegation at the surrender. By the time of surrender, the regiments were the size of modern-day platoons or companies. The 2nd, 5th, and 8th surrendered 68, 53, and 32 men respectively. The 9th, 10th, and 11th surrendered 124, 162, and 23. Most of the 11th had been cut off in the army’s retreat and had previously surrendered.

    Colonel David Lang
    Lt. Colonel Coppens and his brother.

    Lynchburg Virginia Artillery or Moorman’s Battery, later known as Shoemaker’s Battery is an artillery unit, which earned its promotion into status of horse artillery on account of its service at Antietam. As horse artillery this unit served among the few in ranks of legendary John Pelham’s Stuart Artillery Battalion till the end of the war. This grants very unique and precious history background. In addition, Moorman’s Battery took part in battle of Sharpsbrug side by side with 8th Florida infantry. While choosing which unit we would represent as soon as artillery is added into the game, this very fact played indisputable role. Our goal is simple, we are determined to become one of the best artillery units in the game, which we shall strive for through discipline and thorough drills. We will see to every posible order being carried out smoothly by the crew, which must be prepared for any scenario that might come up. As mentioned above, Moorman’s Battery is 8th Florida’s sister unit, which means 3 years of experience. Our cannons will be operated by the most veteran and battle-hardened soldiers in the comunity. All factors combined, this should allow everyone to experience not only historically accurate, but as well pleasent gameplay as artillery crew.

    Lynchburg Virginia Artillery neboli Moorman's Battery a později Shoemaker's Battery je dělostřelecká jednotka, které se díky jejím zásluhám u Antietamu dostalo povýšení do statusu horse artillery a tak jako jedna z mála sloužila v legendárním John Pelham's Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion po zbytek války. Což jednotce dává velice vzácnou a výjimečnou historii a charakter. Nejen to, Moorman's Battery se také ocitla v boji doslova bok po boku s 8. floridskou pěchotou u Sharpsburgu. To nám poskytlo jedinečnou příležitost při výběru, kterou dělostřeleckou budeme reprezentovat, jakmile bude do projektu přidána dělostřelecká branže. Stanovili jsme si cíl stát se s disciplínou a tréninkem jednou z nejlepších dělostřeleckých jednotek. Budeme proto pracovat na tom, aby nám každá mechanika byla naprosto k dispozici. Jako sesterská jednotka 8. floridského pěšího praporu, přinášíme tři roky zkušeností. Naše děla budou obsluhována jedněmi z nejostřílenějších a bitvami zocelených vojáků v komunitě. S tímto bohatstvím by tu měl mít každý šanci a každý by měl mít autentický, ale také příjemný zážitek jako dělostřelec.

    Moorman's Battery has been formed in Lynchburg in Virginia under Captain Marcellus Moorman, graduate of Virginia Military Insitute. Nicknamed "Beauregard Rifles" the unit was organized initially as a zouave company on April 19 of 1861 before obtaining cannons at Norfolk during the summer. After being converted to a battery unit, it was organized as Company B of Saunder's Battalion Field Artillery.

    Their baptize by fire occured at Seven Days Battles, engaged at Frayser's Farm and Malvern Hill, during this battle the battery lost five men. After the reorganization of the army it was assigned to Anderson's Division and obtaining the name Moorman's Battery after their Captain. At Sharpsburg, battery took positions directly next to the Piper Stone Barn at Sunken Lane, later on their right the Florida Brigade hurried to reinforce the lines in the center. The battery was well recognized as a unit that could stand up in a fight. At the close of the activities of the Maryland Campaign, the battery received additional men from the October disbanding of "Grime's" Portsmouth Artillery.

    In November of 1862, the battery was converted to a horse artillery battery for service under John Pelham's Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion, an honor which the Lynchburg men relished. Regularly assigned to Rooney Lee's Brigade and participating in almost every major battle of the war such as Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Cold Harbor. At Gettysburg the battery took 112 effectives to battlefield, but was mostly not engaged. The Lynchburg Battery served with distinction through several engagements from Brandy Station to the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. At last, surrendering at Appomattox in January of 1865, while under the command of Captain John J. Shoemaker.

    Marcellus N. Moorman; Virginia Military Institute, Class of 1856

    If you're interested in joining please add someone on our staff listed below who can help set you up in our Discord channel, and get you fully volunteered into the unit. We require all of our members to join via our Company Tool which can be found below. We also require all of our members to join our Steam Group. Battalion is led by Senior Captain Josef Tišer, you may contact him with questions or concerns.

    Máte-li zájem o členství, přidejte někoho z našich níže uvedených důstojníků roty C, kteří vám mohou pomoci v našem kanále battalionu a dostat vás plně do roty. Požadujeme od všech našich členů, aby se připojili prostřednictvím našeho battalion discordu, který naleznete níže. Požadujeme také od všech našich členů, aby se připojili k naší Steam Group a Company Tool. Battalion je veden vrchním kapitánem Josefem Tišerem, můžete ho kontaktovat s otázkami nebo obavami.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef Tišer View Post

    8th Florida Infantry, Company A.
    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the Forum 8th Florida. To many successful battles in the future.
    Captain Walter, Leopold, Lothar von-Winkler

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    Welcome to the CSA! ! !

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    Question HELLLO Josef Tišer


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    I am excited to join this group, when I was smaller child I liked to learn about history and the civil war was interesting and loved to learn about it (my schools not the best so don't ask me questions about history also I know very little. the game is fun I thought my computer might not run it well but it did, I am looking forward to learning how to play like a pro

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    A fine body of men! Even if they are dirty rebels

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