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Thread: United European Community

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    United European Community

    Welcome to the thread of the United European Community

    A small group of European units decided on 22.09.2018 that there has to be more cooperation and cohesion in the community in order to improve the relations with each other. We have small and large units, of unionists and confederates in our ranks, but that is not important, because we are united by the thought and the desire for unity, fun and cooperation.

    • A good and relaxed relationship with others in the community.
    • a great atmosphere on the servers.
    • Critical discussions about features of the game in order to give better and unified feedback.
    • To support each other in many ways, for example in recruiting.
    • play events together in an organized way.
    • To maintain good contact and address problems in order to eliminate them at an early stage.
    • keep the community together and not to burden it.

    Company A - 18th North Carolina Infantry
    "The German Volunteers"

    Company Commander: Captain Leopold von Winkler

    Company A - 3rd Alabama Infantry
    "Mobile Cadets"

    Company Commander: Captain Carter

    1st Batallion - 95th New York Infantry
    "Warren Rifles"

    Batallion Commander: Major Ross.C.Cutler

    Company A - 8th Florida Infantry

    Company Commander: Captain Tiser

    Company A - 21st North Carolina Infantry

    Company Commander: Captain Vaesen

    1. your unit should be based in Europe or participate in European events.
    2. Since we have no rank structure, we discuss and decide everything together. You must be able to accept the opinions of others and argue objectively.
    If you are able to fulfill these terms, then message one of our members and we will discuss the next steps with you.

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    USA Lieutenant Colonel

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    Nice Job on the forum post looking forward for the future.

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    CSA Captain

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    Jan 2016
    Captain Walter, Leopold, Lothar von-Winkler

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    USA Brigadier General

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    It will be great. And very very nice post!

    Looking forward to work together with you guys  02

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    Looking forward to the EU battles!
    Richmond Howitzers, 3rd Company

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    Nice looking Avatar!

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    CSA Major

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    what happened to the 42nd PA? their mainly EU based
    Napoleon Total War American Civil War Multiplayer Mod Discord Community -

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    USA Lieutenant General

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    Gettysburg, PA
    Awesome glad to see you guys doing this!

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    CSA Major General

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    Kingdom of Belgium
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle422 View Post
    Awesome glad to see you guys doing this!
    Fully agree, as an European it's great to see an European initiative.
    This group seems like a really good start

    Can anyone 'apply' to join the Steam group or are there restrictions ? (well except for being EU based/players ?)
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    CSA Major

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    Good to see that the Europeans will have a chance at organizing events and not having to awkwardly work with North American times, I hope y'all do well.

    The chances are by the time you have finished typing a long response to my post, I have changed half of the original post.

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