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Thread: Cold War Conspiracy Against Global Presbyterianism

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    Cold War Conspiracy Against Global Presbyterianism

    Judging by the other threads, the Charleston Mercury is the most appropriate location for my post.

    Bringing all Christians together is the ancient purpose of religion from the accounts and original testimonies in the Bible, to the Catholic tradition, and anyone who denigrates any such religion like Presbyterianism to say it doesn't should be immediately laughed at, to be conforming with Cold War Political thought and 20th century Nationalisms instead of the Lord.


    God is Timeless rather than temporal so I'm going to travel right-to-left, because I hate the modernism implied linking time and progress in this discussion.
    The first column looks at 17th century Europe
    *1 The Covenanters in Scotland, or the Church of Scotland which took over function of the Scottish Government, which the Scottish Government also Established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1560, gathered armies to "ensure the Reformed tradition of Scotland, England, and Ireland". This culminated in several victories such as the 1648 Westminster Confession, which if it was stuck to today, ensured a Reformed creed in England and Scotland, but England backed out later. The Presbyterian Church was restored by the Covenanters. The Catholic King Charles' deposed in favor of William of Orange from Netherlands.

    *2 This is a Soccer adaptation of the heraldry of William Prince of Orange, of the family House of Orange-Nassau.
    At the end of the English Civil War, William of Orange Nassau was invited to invade England since the parliament favored his Reformed faith over the Catholic King Charles.

    The 2nd column deals with 19th Century America
    *3 the Bonnie Blue Flag anthem is a good starting place. the word "bonnie" being exclusively Scottish, harkens to the Covenanter struggle over government to reinsure the separate and equal rights of the Churches of England, Scotland, and Ireland before there was a United Kingdom or United States, obviously these were existing Kingdoms and States already, or thirteen colonies as it were. Today in Scotland the bonnie blue Saltire of Scotland flag hangs co-equal with the Union Jack flag in official areas, and the idea of the Union is not Above Scotland.
    *4 Presbyterians established Princeton University in America, a top university using this logo that uses the Orange of William of Orange, whom was the favored victor of the Church of Scotland after the English Civil War. Their fight song is "Old Nassau" also an anthem to William of Orange-Nassau.

    This section deals with 19th to 20th century Korea

    *5 In 1885 Presbyterian Missionaries put their doctrines of Native Christian Government above the European Imperialism and Colonialism of the day, to entreat and befriend the Republic of United States and the Kingdom of Korea, and teach the Biblical subordination to Christian rulers from the Bible upon the King Gojong of Korea and the Korean people's hierarchy of yangbang. The French Catholics were persecuted and there was a plot to turn the Kingdom over to France like happened then in Vietnam. So we can easily see political importance and opening the West to Korea, and the significance today that could take pages. There may be 9 million Presbyterians in a 40 million country, better than Scotland on any Sunday. The site of Horace Allen and Horace Underwood's modern hospital and chemistry lab , Jejoongwon, also a Korean soap opera, became a SKY university and top university, and the logo is very obviously from a Princeton shield in America.

    *6 The Presbyterian Church of Korea highlights the Native Church Government of Korea as it has survived many wars and suffering, to note World War 2 foreign domination of Japan which is a source of patriotism in the Church, Korean War deaths ,a divided nation when this is still the Church of Korea from 1885.

    Issues of ancient Theology are neatly brushed aside in a post-nationalist era of Nazis and Communist blocs and ideological struggles. God's Covenant relationship to Israel is clearly for an agreement of the land Israel to be held by the ethnicity of the 12 tribes of Israel in a Kingdom as long as the Israelites were faithful, and the Scottish clearly have this right, and the Theology of it is inconvenient to Nationalist America. Conveniently after the Korean War, although none say it from this angle, this political issue got an iron curtain put on it by President Eisenhower. From "Abraham Lincoln's pew" at a new "National Presbyterian Church", President Eisenhower right in office became, not an ancient Scottish lineage, an in-office Presbyterian convert. As a cover, he prayed for "the government under God to look after citizens of all classes" beginning our century long comfort and unending aid and bias for the African American. This prevented a political nightmare of a pious Korean Kingdom being in foreign political calculation that a new Liberty , Open enrollment, and non-Calvinist Presbyterian Church took its place in the United States.

    *8 I simply want to highlight the atomic age and how close the Korean War and the Cold War had Atomic Bombs in strategic discussion. When King Gojong and his Court also entreated Russian support against the Japanese, this was the Orthodox Czar's 1880's Russian Empire. The Theology of the Russian Orthodox, a riddle in itself, that the Third Rome after Rome, Constantinople, was now Moscow, caused a split of Russian Orthodoxy with Most Orthodoxy to this day, such as Greek Orthodox, Arminian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox, or similar, where the Ecumenical Patriarch is in Constantinople. Joining Russian Orthodoxy subordinates King Gojong of Korea to a Russian Ceasar or Czar in religion hierarchy, which was in discussion with yangbang! In the 1950's Russia was a fresh hotbed of Communism likely affecting our Cold War decisions and conspiracies. The United States and Presbyterian United States was not in this form, all americans are not too far from the denominational outlook similar to the Puritans on arrival, some Puritans finally left joining Presbyterians.

    *8 (wrong number) So in the aftermath of atomic bombing nationalism, we no longer have the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, a very long careful name, hinting at, not establishing Prebsyterianism in Dixie or English States or in America or so forth, we've gone all the way to the PC(USA), parentheses mean almost , Technical, or , Special. The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico started by the US Presbyterians previous centuries, broke with the PC(USA) all ties, because this is a different church. It is a side issue that it is most liberal in trends of free-thought and gender expression, because that hides the politics behind rainbow banners of All Welcome, as we've looked at.

    *9 South Koreans first off are very close friends to the American people and government and mimic many things, all the same, so we should note that the Presbyterian Church of Korea has a nonhistorical offshoot that uses international TV evangelizing trends from America.
    At bottom is noting the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America seal uses branches symbolizing Peace and Strength, which is used by the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad, the native Church government's ministering in the US, a Church of "peace and strength".

    OK Thanks! Let me know how to improve the look and presentation of this Cold War Conspiracy! Don't greet a Korean with the Bonnie Blue Flag when we don't even look into it good enough!
    I'm going to link a copy of the post on US message boards. I like to chat over there.
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    I remember when you fought the Devs and how they are getting their funds. I remember when trusty banned you from steam because of your posts. You are back ..

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    I'm not sure that these forums are the place for religious views, even if they are tied in with history and particularly if they're not directly and ONLY related to the Civil War, but that's just my opinion.

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    Sorry I don't have the pleasure of your acquaintance. I am interested on how you saw it. Obviously, I was exploring their innovative "pledge" system. I'm definitely not trying to intrude or defy. I was quicker to buy at $35!
    George Washington is deposited as a "Deist" to say, we could determine these things ourselves from nature, which helps against the British enemies 3 to 1 advantage in cross-holding priestly curse-throwers. All forums are a good place for all topics, if that's what you're saying, and the religiously devout Confederate States, when you check Abraham Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address, the South had a very particular denominational God in discussion, where as Abraham Lincoln had an ecumenical broad vision of God in discussion, which he evidences there. This is directly ONLY at the Civil War to try to borrow your language, but you also know that the real veterans were real people with families who continued on and these are minority views today, outside the tragedies around the world, these were in fact nationally recognized viewpoints in nonviolent times, of 4th president Madison's blueprint from a Netherlands United Provinces "Confederacy", as the "Confederacy" as a coinage of the "United States" was repeated by Every president in common terminology up until Abraham Lincoln, and we are far too accustomed now to sudden , violent, fascist movements, which the Southern rebellion shouldn't be banned and characterized, a peaceful century's long existence, and a political outlook useful to all the world today.
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    Well whatever hope you learned to act normal. The last time you somehow connected Breivik to this game and the Devs. And I have not forgotten you and the things you said. That is all. Good luck with your posts and your company

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Sorry, what is this?
    Your guess is as good as mine but I guarantee you there's an unhealthy agenda behind it.

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