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Thread: Officer Pointing function.

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    Officer Pointing function.

    This is an odd one but I wonder if Arma 3 players can relate here, there is a function on an Arma 3 mod called ACE3 to "point" at a location, nearby people see a ring appear at the location pointed to.
    like this:
    (it's a big pic so link only)

    the idea is that an officer can use the key combo (on ACE3 it's ctrl+~) and it'll allow the line to see where he wants them to shoot, the kicker should be it could only affect people "in formation" #
    perhaps senior sergeants with the ability too?

    It's a little immersion breaking yes, but it's that old chestnut of "you can't point or gesture in a game" vs "why haven't I got dystentry yet?" life vs realism.


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    You mean something like that?
    While I like the point forward emote, I don't know if there should be a "ring" on the soldiers screen. It would make it bit to easy.
    Right now, its more immersive, that he has to tell the soldiers where to shoot at, using specials marks in the landscape, like "You see that house there? Shoot into the woods left of it"


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    I'm an Arma 3 guy. I know what your talking about but don't think its really needed in WoR. As Hinkel said using the landscape and landmarks as guides its easy to give direction of fire.

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    Animations are good, but also the main focus should be the Officer's own skill and training to be able to describe locations and properly convey orders. Speaking also as an Arma 3 milsim guy, I always hated the ring because it was way too gamey.
    Officers and other leader roles should be given access to w/e ingame tools they need to formulate the plans but in an immersive, historically accurate way. Not UI.
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    Could the point emote when using the sword be replaced with the officer using the sword to point? The sword was not just a weapon, but a command tool.

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    Great idea, watch the Gettysburg/Glory films and that's what strikes you: Officers using their sword as a recognisable signal, attracting attention, pointing to a target point etc.

    Same thing goes for the colour bearers, a recognisable rallying point to form-up on.

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