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Thread: BoP: Europe 1938 - Main Thread

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    "Trí neart, aontacht!"

    Ireland begins building planes for it's Air Force:
    The Irish Defense Forces have put factories to work in producing 500 Messerschmitt BF-109's for use in the Irish Air Force. Pilots will be trained at Camp Swift effective immediately.

    Ireland begins producing a new service rifle for the Defense Forces:
    Ireland's factories begin mass producing wz.38m service rifles and the ammo necessary for their use and issuing them to the Irish Defense Forces.

    New uniform for the Irish Defense Forces:
    Ireland begins producing new German Heer M36 service uniforms for it's armed forces and will begin issuing these immediately. Variations will be made to distinguish the Irish variation. Instead of green facings, Leinster Blue will be used, and the German insignias will be replaced by the Harp of Leinster and other Irish equivalents. Officers will use the Irish variation of the German Heer M37 Officer Uniform.

    Ireland supports the Reich's claim on it's historical Czechoslovakian territories:
    Ireland supports Germany's rights to it's own lands, and to it's people. The Germans are a proud people with much history, to take that away from them is to take away their very identity. Ireland has some experience with having our identities crushed. The President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde has come out on his radio broadcast exclaiming to the people that Ireland is with Germany!

    Ireland begins building 500 BF-109's
    Ireland begins outfitting it's armies with wz.38m's
    Ireland produces new uniforms for the Irish Defense Forces
    Ireland publicly supports Germany's claim on it's historical territories
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    "Један народ, један краљ, једна држава "

    Balkan Entente switches to Full mobilization.

    In response to Germany's threatening and tyrannical demand for Czech land. The entire Balkan Entente has agreed to fully mobilize their armed forces. The Entente will not let Germany bully all of Europe around any longer. All members of the Entente would like to reaffirm their commitment to defend the territory and sovereignty of all her members, by force of arms if necessary. Under no circumstance will Germany be granted a single kilometer of Czech land. We suggest they redact their demand and apologize.

    Pvt. William J. Sadowski

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    "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!" "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!"

    Germany and the Soviet Union today signed a Non Agression Pact and Prosperity Treaty

    In a historic move Germany and the Soviet Union have signed a non-aggression and technology sharing treaty that will help stabilize and secure peace in Europe and hopefully the continued prosperity between their two countries. A copy of the treaty has been provided.

    "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!" "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!"

    1. Non Agression pact for 5 years.

    2. Soviet Union will provide 30 Model A20-A32 Tanks, in exchange Germany will provide, 50 MG34's, 2 Prototype 15cm Nebelwerfer 21's, and 3 Ju87 Stuka's.

    3. Germany will assist in capturing the Fugitive Trotsky.

    4. Germany and the Soviet Union will endeavor to assist each other with technological breakthroughs for the betterment of mankind.

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    Prime Minister Aimo Cajander announces the changes in the Finnish Defense Forces’ budget

    The Prime Minister went on to confirm that the Defense Forces arms purchases had been delayed, leaving more money in the budget for other issues: “We can see that the arms industry and technology around us is changing rapidly. What we could have bought, for example airplanes, anti-air guns and et cetera, would be now mostly outdated, maybe even scrap-worthy.”

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    "Nihil Sine Deo"

    New Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

    Due to recent events concerning the national sovereignty and security of the Kingdom, His Majesty Carol II called for an urgent meeting to be held and appointed Ion Antonescu as the new Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of the Romanian Armed Forces.

    Ion Antonescu

    Denouncing the actions of Germany

    The actions of the expansionist German Reich must be halted for once, as it seems that the defeat from the previous war was not enough. We stand by our Czechoslovak brothers in these dire times and decided to declare partial mobilisation for the time being. We call on other European nations to stand up against this aggressive behaviour and advocate for peace in Europe, as all of our peoples have suffered enough 20 years ago and must not let other barbaric nations disrupt the peace and prosperity that exists between us.

    Production of the IAR 80 fighter aircraft
    The Royal Romanian Air Force is in need of a capable and modern fighter aircraft, thus, production of the IAR 80 shall begin as soon as next month.

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité

    France Calls Emergency Summit

    With Germany's recent and shocking ultimatum to Czechoslovakia the government has decided to call an emergency summit be held in Paris. The government wishes to invite Diplomats from Germany, the United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia and all other members of the of the Little Entente alliance. Our government wants to see the most peaceful resolution to this most trying of issues. However the government warns that it will not tolerate those who whish break down these talks into base arguments and those individuals that do will be escorted out of the summit.

    Blockade Lifted

    With a ceasefire over Spain in effect and no further issues predicted to arise in the near future the government has made the decision to lift the current blockade on republican ports. All ships involved in the blockade are now to return to their private tasks and duties. The government expressed that is hopes to a quick and peaceful resolution to this most terrible conflict.

    The Irish Question

    It has become very apparent to all nations with a worldly view that the proud nation of Ireland has been acting in the most questionable of manners, from their unjustified build up of their armed forces to their bizarre hostile attitude to the Nordic nations. France does not wish to chastise Ireland and its stoic inhabitants but requests that the Irish foreign office show a modicum of restraint when in discourse with other nations.

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    Czechoslovak Republic- April

    "Pravda vítězí"

    The Czechoslovak Republic Refuses To give up The Sudetenland!

    The Czechoslovak Republic hereby refuses to give up the Sudetenland territory. The Republic was granted its independence and sovereign territory in the Treaty of Versailles, and it shall continue to stay that way for the test of time. The German Reich has threatened and pushed The Republic to give up its land, as a way to expand its tyrannical rule over the free peoples of Europe.

    The Czechoslovak Republic Agrees to Take Part in Summit

    Czechoslovakia begins increasing Arms Production

    The Czechoslovak Republic, on the literal verge of war, will begin large increases in the production of military equipment and materials for the war effort. Tanks, planes, small arms weapons, anti-tank and airplane guns, and all manner of equipment needed to wage war. This increase to military production is paramount to the survival of the Czechoslovak Republic, ensuring it can repeal any invasion and maintain its independence.

    President Benes informs the people

    Outside of Prague, as spectators watch the Czechoslovak Army march proudly to the Front. The Czech General staff and the President watched on, delivering rousing speeches. With the National anthem of the Republic playing proudly, President Benes let the people and world know the noble path the country is taking. Stating, “ Measures to ensure peace are being taken as I speak, but the country and army shall remain in full alert to be ready if war becomes a reality.” The Czechoslovak Army stands ready to defend its sovereign rights and territories from any aggressors, if war becomes a reality.

    Construction of Air-Raid Shelters

    The Czechoslovak government has ordered local governments and the civilian populace of The Republic to begin preparing Air-raid Shelters. To minimize damage from enemy bombers and protect the civilians from harm.

    The Continuation of Expanding and innovating The Czechoslovak Air Force

    The Czechoslovak Air Force continues to encourage its large scale aircraft and industrial producers to create plans for a new fighter airplane. As the Avia B-535 is obsolete and is need of replacement. The Czechoslovak Air Force is also beginning to increase the quantity of aircraft it can field; to protect the Czechoslovak Republic from any would be invaders.
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    "Један народ, један краљ, једна држава "

    Yugoslavia will attend summit.

    Although it doubts much will come of the summit... or even if it manages to assemble before Germany's 48 hour deadline runs out. Yugoslavia will send delegates to attend the emergency summit. Even if only to say all diplomatic solutions to Germany's demands were tried.

    Pvt. William J. Sadowski

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    "Съединението прави силата"


    Following an emergency cabinet meeting in response to the ongoing international developments with our neighbours mobilising their armed forces, in spite of the recent German ultimatum to Czechoslovakia, and being seemingly on the brink of war the Bulgarian Government finds it necessary, in order to protect Bulgarian sovereignity, and to ensure that no potential conflict carry on over into Bulgarian territory, that our armed forces be supplemented by further conscripts and brought up to a state of alert. His Majesty the Tsar is quoted as having said the Governments policy towards what he calls the "Sudeten Debacle" as being "Neutral, but with reservations". The Tsar is further quoted as complimenting the French Government on their initiative in regards to their calling for an emergency peace summit, and he urges all the nations of the Balkan Entente and Germany to attend so a peaceful solution might be found to the ongoing Sudeten debacle.

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    "Nihil Sine Deo"

    Romania to attend the summit
    His Majesty King Carol II announced today that Prime Minister Ion Antonescu will be present at the peace summit in Paris.

    Tsar Boris III formally invited for state visit
    His Majesty King Carol II would like to send a formal invitation to the Tsar of Bulgaria, Boris III

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