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Thread: BoP: Europe 1938 - Main Thread

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    Italy re-affirms the strong cultural ties between Northern Italy and Switzerland. We have great respect for the principled stance that the Swiss nation has espoused for many years and would further deepen the ties between us by a binding treaty of friendship

    We have long memories in Italy and have not forgotten the assassination of Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, nor the Italian guarantee of Austrian independence we signed in 1933. Italy views this plebiscite as little more than window dressing for a German coup and we call on the German government to re-consider its position regarding such a flagrant disregard for the international order. We intend to raise this matter urgently at the meeting of European leaders in Paris.

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    France calls for a European Wide summit.

    Multiple Nations agree to attend said summit.

    Denmark and Norway sign a Defensive Alliance.

    Ireland declares President Douglas Hyde their Head of State..

    Belgium Declines to attend European Summit!

    Norway and Switzerland sign a Non-Aggression Pact.

    Austria votes for Anschluss with Germany!

    Germany and Switzerland sign a Non-Aggression Pact.

    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania agree to lay the ground works for a united armed forces!

    Multiple nations begin efforts to increase military recruitment and arms production

    Italy and Switzerland sign a Non-Aggression Pact.

    Summits, Treaties and Anschluss

    As 1938 rolling across its first month the unease across Europe still holds strong. France, looking to begin the path towards a European wide agreement set the tone for the year by inviting multiple nations to attend in order to deal with the pressing matters of the ongoing Spanish Civil War and heightening tensions between nations. To President Lebrun’s pleasure the proposal was met with wide approval, with even both the Spanish States and Republic agreeing to attend. If matters go in the direction that President Lebrun hopes it could even spell a peaceful end to the Spanish Civil War. To the surprise of many Belgium outright rejected attending the summit stating a lack of faith in a meaningful result being produced and demanding that France, Britain and Germany must first “reaffirm their guarantee of the current Belgian borders.”. So far none of the three mentioned nations have made a formal statement on the matter, but a small number of politicians have so far been disappointed in the Belgian actions and have called upon their respective governments to reject the Belgian actions as foolish. There has also been concern over the USSR’s silence over the matter. Whilst many do not expect them to attend, their utter silence in regards to the summit has caused some stirring among foreign offices across Europe.

    Alongside the calling of the summit, a number of treaties were concluded during the month. Non-Aggression was concluded between a handful of nations and a somewhat surprising Defensive Alliance was concluded between Denmark and Norway. Some speculate that the move was made in response to the growing speakers made by the Führer about claiming Lebensraum for the German people. The biggest surprise of the month however was the announcement made by the Baltic States to begin working towards a unified armed forces. Following propositions and ovatures made by Lithuania the young nations felt strongly that such a decision was in the best interests of national defence. With a neighbor as powerful as the USSR on there doorstep from which they only recently broke away from. Now it is for time to tell how it goes.

    The most alarming news of the month however stood strongly as the German Anschluss of Austria, 18th January 1938. Following a “fairly held” nationwide plebiscite the people of Austria voted overwhelmingly in favour of unification with Germany. Almost too overwhelmingly, with many questioning and critizinging the 96% vote. Whatever the result, German troops were welcomed into Austria with salutes, flags, cheers and tears. It wasn’t long before Heer Hitler himself was addressing vast crowds of supports in Vienna who cheered him and sung his praise as the Wehrmacht paraded through the streets. The mood could not be denied. Aside from a few outspoken members of The Fatherland Front openly opposing the anschluss the Austrian people seemed genuinely pleased. The first nation to voice an opinion on the matter was Italy. Italy already held Austrian Independence a paramount and the Anschluss was to anything but the Duce’s liking. Whilst these two Fascist nations share similar ideologies, it would appear the two great Fascist leaders did not share the same ideas in which to execute these ideologies. Could the Anschluss show the seeds of discord between Italy and Germany, who’s volunteers currently fight side by side in Spain, or will this simply be a small bump in their relationship?

    Business as usual

    The Spanish Civil War raged on into yet another bloody month. As winter weather rolled through, both the Spanish State and Republic moved against one another to try and deal death blows. Both factions were able to make gains upon one another, but neither were able to deal a decisive strike to their bitter foe. In the province of Valencia the fighting grew desperate and bloody. Republican forces forces launched a massive assault on the 9th January, to remove rejoin their disconnected lands. The Republican XXII Army Corps headed the assault into the province with a ferocity unmatched smashing into Nationalist forces. The timing of the assault could not have come better for the Republicans. Nationalist troops had been massing to launch an offensive into souther Castellón and where not prepared for a sudden, ferocious assault. The Nationalists were only able to move a few Divisions to meet the Republican forces head on, but it was not enough to stop the on coming tide. It wasn’t enough to ensure victory nor to prevent the loss of lands there Nationalist divisions fought like lions to insure a smooth retreat for Nationalist forces from the region. Such was their ferocity that Republic Divisions were broken one after another trying to pursue the Nationalist forces, with neither side showering mercy to any “prisoners” that were taken. Though it was a defeat in the area, the bravery and sacrifice of the reaguard divisions ensured Nationalists forces’ successful retirement from Valencia.

    Though defeated in Valencia the month was not all lost to Nationalist forces. A slow and steady attack into Lérida with massive support from the air by the Condor Legion allowed for Nationalists slowly but surely drive Republican forces from before them. However the attack was unable to gain as much land as it might have been able to a result of careful speed being taken so as to not outstrip their own supply lines and the tenacity of the Republic defenders. For every inch gained it was without sweetness. Such was the effectiveness of the bombing that Republican forces dug in like furious ticks so as to defend themselves from the aerial harassment making it ever more difficult for ground forces to pry them out. Losses were high and mercy was next to unknown. Both sides committed atrocities on the other’s forces and the civilians were not spared either. In all the month cost Nationalist forces close to 12 thousand casualties and Republican forces a harsh 10 thousand casualties.

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    Turkey pulls out of Balkan Summit following threats from Bulgaria

    Following the open invitation to the Balkan summit, representatives from the Kingdom of Bulgaria approached the Turkish Government with the olive branch. When the Turkish government asked for time at least until the Summit had passed to deliberate, Bulgaria responded by fanning the flames of war and citing the past, stating "...being invited to that[summit] is a privilege not afforded to all who were on the wrong side during the first war."
    As the world knows, the First Balkan War was a flare up of tensions resulting from Ottoman immigration practices and border tensions. After Bulgaria was through with their war, they immediately turned on their allies and attacked the former Balkan League. Following these comments, Bulgaria asked for Turkey's stance on the Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine, only to imply that Turkey is unable to act without regional approval and "once your regional summit has occurred." As such, Turkey has called for a public apology from Bulgaria, as well as giving it's official stance on the Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine: "Well and deserved."

    Turkey performs military parade in Constantinople

    To commemorate twenty years since the end of the Great War, Turkey holds a grand military parade through Constantinople, showcasing it's air and land power.
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    "Съединението прави силата"

    It is a truly joyous occassion for the bulgarian people, as Prime and Foreign Minister Georgi Kyoseivanov returns from Paris, carrying with him in a briefcase the charred remains of the Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine. In what can only be considered a great victory for the bulgarian people the disgraceful treaty has, by the will of nations attending the European Summit, been thrown onto the pyre, finally unshackling Bulgaria from the military restrictions placed upon us following The Great War. The bulgarian government was quick to reiterate infront of the European Community that despite imminent expansion of our armed forces, our foremost priority remains the defence of bulgarian sovereignity, and ensuring the safety of our borders, not the imposition of our will upon others through force. As we move forth into a new era we must remember the lessons of the past, for all to prosper it is the hope of His Majesty the Tsar and His Government that we might enter into a closer relationship with our Balkan brethren and neighbours, as our respective Governments work together to create a bright future for all the Balkans the old divisions and grudges of the past will be washed away in a tide of unity and brotherly love, our peoples shall know no fear as together we walk into the future, and to Bulgaria the future seems bright.

    In what can only be described as a diplomatic blunder on behalf of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, what was first meant to be an olive branch extended by the hand of friendship towards the Turkish Government has now seen the olive grow increasingly rotten. It would indeed appear that the Turkish Administration has taken deep offense by perceived insults made towards them by our representatives, and even as we accept responsibility in not choosing our words carefully enough, and putting them forth in a way that seems alligned with ill intent, we can only offer our most heartfelt assurances that it is the policy of His Majesty's Government to pursue a path of friendship with our neighbours. Bulgaria still remains open to entering into a pact of non-aggression with Turkey, even if we must admit that their recent comments regarding the now deceased Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine has caused some frowns amongst our Government. We hope the future will bring friendship and cooperation so we can put this embarassing episode behind us.

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    "Gud, konge og fædreland"

    Attempt at Securing Danish Neutrality
    With the end of the Paris Summit the Danish King did not get the assurance he was looking for ensured safety of the Danish people. Both France and Germany acknowledged the request of a non-aggression pact, but no definite agreement has been made by either nation. The United Kingdom who was unable to attend the summit has yet to acknowledge or consider the request. The Danish government hopes in due time to hear back from these nations on their final decision on the matter.

    Denmark Adopts Temporary Limited Exports Policy
    After the Danish legislators narrowly passed the army modernization bill a new bill has been passed yet again narrowly that temporarily turns our resources exportation to a limited policy. This was done to help quickly modernize the military, and once complete it will return to an open policy.

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    Albania shows concerns over aggression in the Balkans

    Two major powers, Bulgaria and Turkey, have shown signs of aggression towards each other. Need King Zog remind everyone, war is not beneficial to anyone involved. People are slaughtered, cultures burnt to the ground, histories ruined. Albania is and forever will be an arbiter of peace.

    Albania begins weapons drive
    With that being said, however, Albania is a nation which must preserve its sovereignty from the infringements of all nations alike. A rifle, preferably of the bolt action variety, may be turned in voluntarily at any government office for a reward of 194,574.25 Lek. Those living in the region of Northern Epirus will receive 389,148.50 Lek instead.
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    Republican Spain - Portuguese Alliance

    After intense talks, the leaders of, and foreign emissaries of the Republic of Spain and the Portuguese have agreed to a Military Alliance, along with a trade agreement. The leaders of both nations were photographed together at the Portuguese Capital of Lisbon, shaking hands after signing the Diplomatic Agreement. Señor Manuel Azaña was caught later outside the capital, and exchanged words with the press. "I am immensely excited to pursue this alliance, and we're excited to see how the war effort goes with the help of our Portuguese friends" Señor Manuel Azaña was quoted as saying.

    Military Production increases

    The Spanish Republic has continued it's efforts to increase production across it's territories. Military production in particular has been increased, with [CENSORED], and many others being focused on. Exports have also been continued.

    The Republic Continues Recruitment
    The Republic has Mobilized, and recruitment drives are on the rise, with many brave young men enlisting to serve and fight against the Fascist, Nationalist pigs.

    Viva La Republica

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    Establishment of the Icelandic Defense Force
    As the end of the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union draws near, the increasing independence of Iceland has voted within the Althing, the Icelandic Parliament, to approve the establishment of the Icelandic Defense Force (IDF). This force is to consist of several thousand men who are to serve under the crown in the defense of Iceland and its allies. The prime minister of Iceland, Hermann Jónasson, brought this vote to the attention of the King of Denmark, Christian X, who swiftly approved this defensive force for the Kingdom. This decision comes swiftly after the Danish vote to expand its own military. Iceland hopes to continue its standing as a neutral nation under Danish rule.

    Increase in the production of Aluminum
    The increasing sovereignty of Iceland has driven the economy forward in the desire to be economically independent from the head of the union, the Kingdom of Denmark. This island is increasingly rich with the valuable resource of Aluminum. The increase of production will revolutionize the extraction, smelting and production of aluminum goods. Increased industrialism and urbanization of the capital Reyjavik is expected, however the cost comes at 50% of production is to be siphoned to the protector of the state, Denmark.

    Til framtíðar og frelsis

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    The Spanish State response to the Portuguese alliance with the Republic
    Althoug the Spanish State does not wish to escalate the conflict warns Portugal about the consequences of this alliance in future relations beteewn our to nations, we have send a diplomat to Lisbon to discuss the meaning of this action.

    Massive mobilization of troops
    250.000 Men have been called to eliminate the red scum from our great land with the promise of finishing the war by christmas.

    Increase Military production

    Send diplomat to Lisbon

    Arriba España
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    Soviet Union (February '38)

    "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!"

    | German Rapprochement |

    Today marks a turning point in Soviet diplomacy. The Soviet State has taken steps to purge the ambassadorial class of all Jews, ethnic and otherwise, in pursuit of German cooperation. Minister of Foreign Affairs—Maxim Litvinov, a prestigious member of the Jewry—has therefore been encouraged to step down, with one Vyacheslav Molotov rising up to take his place.

    In his opening statement, Molotov vowed to reach an accord with Hitler's Reich, no matter the obstacles ahead.

    | The Third Five Year Plan |

    What is industrial might without ambition? In continuation of his previous successes, Joseph Stalin has rolled out an industrial plan - the third of its kind - to bolster civilian industry east of the Ural Mountains. Stalin himself has vowed to spare no expense and expects a total growth of 26-30% by the plan's conclusion in 1943*.

    | The Soviet Air Volunteer Group |

    To address the situation in Spain, the Soviet Air Volunteer Group has been recalled from China to be refitted, expanded, and subsequently dispatched to Spanish skies. In addition, foreigners true to the workers' cause - namely those from Central and South America - have been encouraged to join its ranks.

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