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    "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"

    Germany Welcomes the Italian Ambassador
    Germany welcomes the Special Representative from Italy here to discuss their issues with the Austrian Plebiscite. We are happy to have them in our beautiful country and will afford him the highest of honors.

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    Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine annulled!.

    Republican Spain and Portuguese Republic sign an alliance.

    Establishment of the Icelandic Defense Force.

    Romania become a monarchical dictatorship with new constitution.

    Balkan Entente is formed!

    Yugoslavia and Bulgaria sign a Non-Aggression Pact.

    France and Switzerland sign a Non-Aggression Pact.

    France issues threatening ultimatum to Spanish Republic and Portugal

    Yugoslavia denounces French ultimatum.

    Germany calls the Volkssturm to the Colours.

    Large amounts of arms movements between nations have raised questions of “lasting peace”.

    Yet more Treaties and Weapons

    A successful conference was held in Paris on the early days of February. In attendance were multiple nations and the debates where fast, passionate and flowing. The Irish delegation at one point was almost throw out of the debate as he ranted about nobody being able to take his lucky charms. It was thought that booze had been consumed before they arrived. Though initially not much was agreed upon with many nations arguing over editing the Treaty of Neuilly-Sur-Seine, a vote put forwards by Germany ended up seeing the old treaty utterly annulled. Turkey and Ireland were the only two nations to vote against the repeal. This is a massive step forwards for Bulgaria who now is no longer confined by reparations and military limits.

    More alliances and pacts were signed during the month of February as nations still talk of a lasting peace. Switzerland signed another major non-aggression agreement with its neighbour France.The establishment of the new Balkan Entente caught many by surprise. Fewer still expected the young Republic of Turkey to be invited into it with the deep history between it and the nations of the Balkans. Not invited however was Bulgaria, raising questions as to the aims and ambitions of this new Entente. The signing of a non-aggression pact between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria did little to alleviate obvious tension in the region over the exclusion.

    The greatest cause of alarm this month however was the signing of an alliance between the Spanish Republic and Portuguese Republic. Reactions to the signing of the treaty were polarising with France out right issuing a deeply threatening ultimatum to the Portuguese Republic and moving large amount of forces into key locations in the south of France. The move raised instant protest from Yugoslavia who denounced the ultimatum. Though France might scoff at such a move, the Balkan Entente does not look to be something they wished to stur and took the denunciation without comment. Italy also chose to take a strong stance on the matter claiming the pact was void as the Republican government was not the true government of Spain. Lastly, Germany issued a statement simply noting its disagreement with such a move but keeping a more level head than France on the matter.

    Air Power

    Republican Forces were on the defensive this month as Nationalists took to the offensive making gains in Gerona and Barcelona as well as pushing out into Eastern Badajoz and Cáceres. Despite heroic efforts by Republican forces to hold back the onslaught, the strains of the war and man power differential were showing. Republican forces were being stretched thin by the concentrated Nationalist attacks. Barcelona now stood in danger of falling after Republican forces failed to hold back aggressive assaults in the area. It was only thanks to the heroics of the 35.ª División that the onslaught was halted in the north. As Republic forces withdrew from crippling air and tank assaults the Division held their ground and fought on refusing to yield ground. The last know contact with them came in the form of a radio message: “No nos retiramos. ¡Viva la república!” as anti-tank guns and small arms fired off in the background. Were it not for their sacrifice it is likely that Barcelona would be in the hands of Nationalists forces already. In Badajoz and Cáceres Nationalist forces were able to push the Republicans from before them. Despite their best efforts, the Republican troops were finding it harder and harder to hold off the Nationalist formations that hammered at them without mercy. Soon an ordered withdrawal was called and the Republican forces began a fighting withdrawal to better positions.

    In the skies of Spain however things became bloodier than expected. The Nationalist Air Force was let loose this month on the Republicans. As Nationalist forces pushed it was as if the skies themselves were blotted out around their routes of attack. Republican positions found themselves bombed and strafed around the clock, it was all the Republican Air Force could do to help support their ground forces. The number of dog fights skyrocketed as the pilots of both skies engaged in their deadly dances. Two pilots in particular began to become great beacons of propaganda for either side. Joaquín García Morato of the Nationalist Air Force increased his number of aerial victories by 7 whilst the Republicans had Lev L. Shestakov increase his by 5. These two men, already aces by this point, where key points of pride of their respective air forces and to loose an ace would mean massive moral hits. The month drew to a bloody close with Republican forces losing a staggering 15,000 men and 46 planes. The Nationalists lost 9,000 men and 32 planes.

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    Ireland - March 1938

    "Nunc et aeterna"

    Ireland's president Douglas Hyde has negotiated an alliance with the Crown of the United Kingdom in January, and it has been finalized. Ireland will now be under the umbrella of protection of Britain, and Ireland will be ready to defend her patron if they are attacked as well. A rocky past though it may be, Ireland looks to the future. In these uncertain times, brotherhood and friendship will prevail! The Irish Defense Forces welcomed this alliance with it's Band Corps. Playing God Save The Queen on fife, drums, flutes, and trumpets, as well as playing The British Grenadiers, broadcasting it on the radio for all Irish men and women to hear.

    Defense Forces Rise!
    Today, the Irish Ministry of Defense has issued a statement to the Irish people that the Irish Defense Forces are increasing it's military budget as well as increasing it's army size to 70,000. Each soldier will have one month of basic training, as well as additional months of advanced occupational training for specialized roles. The enlistment age has now been lowered to 17, and 16 with parental permission. The Defense Ministry is also allowing women to join the Defense Forces now, with a quote from the Marshal General "Ireland fought a bloody war to earn her freedom, and if there is a man OR woman who wants to defend the freedom of their isle, who are we to say no?" In addition, the Irish Defense Ministry has created two new branches of the Defense Forces, the Air Force and the Navy. The Air Force will have 10,000 personnel, and the Navy will have 10,000 personnel. The Air Force Pilots will train with crop duster planes for 6 months or until it is deemed they have earned their wings, Air Force Personnel will have one month of basic training and months of advanced training for their occupations depending what they are. and the Navy will train with sailing vessels, cargo ships, and fishing trawlers until they have proven they can crew a vessel. Academies for each of the 3 branches are being established in a new military base being constructed called Fort Swift. The Defense Force's War College will be built and Established outside of Dublin, training new Officer Cadets to their maximum potential. The courses will include leadership training, infantry tactics, reading many historical documents including The Art Of War, Roman War Theory, and modern tactics. Each Officer Cadet is encouraged to specialize in a field, but each Officer Cadet must write a thesis on modern military tactics and stratagem and how it can be improved or adapted to a hypothetical scenario that is provided by the instructors. The Commandant of the War College will be selected among the General Staff and promoted to Brigadier General, and the Commandant of Fort Swift will also be selected from the General Staff and promoted to Brigadier General. Until the War College has been completed, they will be using a temporary facility in Dublin. Until the Defense Forces Academy is completed, a temporary prefabricated military structure will be used in the field, which will include tents, and portable storage containers, and officers quarters made of wood and tent structures, this will temporarily be called "Camp Bridgette" At this camp, Crop Duster Biplanes will sit at a makeshift airfield for Air Force training, and the Army will train in open fields, gun ranges, and obstacle courses, which are also to be used by Air Force Personnel. Classrooms are to be built from wood and tenting. This camp will be located outside of Dublin, and will be funded and maintained by the Irish Ministry of Defense.

    DD-1 LÉ Saint Patrick
    A shipyard in Dublin is building the Defense Force's first Naval Warship, the DD-1 LÉ Saint Patrick. Currently in the blueprint phases, she will be a destroyer, first of her class in the new Saint Patrick Class line of Destroyers. With her, the Irish Navy can begin policing her shores.

    Southern Shore
    5,000 soldiers from the 2nd Division have been deployed to the Southern Shore of Ireland to begin securing her borders and prevent the war overseas from crossing the ocean into Ireland. The Defense Ministry is contracting civilian construction companies to build bunkers, pillboxes, and fortifications along Ireland's coastline as a security measure, purely for defensive purposes. Once these fortifications are completed, the 2nd Division's coastal garrison will man these defenses until further instructions are given.

    The Irish Ministry of Agriculture has received government funding to begin increasing the agricultural infrastructure of Ireland. More farms will be built, crops will be planted, animal husbandry centers will be built, and more animals will be imported. The food sources of Ireland will be vastly increased.

    Economic Security
    Ireland, concerned over her economic situation, begins looking for solutions. The Ministry of Finance begins looking for solutions to their problems. Trade, businesses, funding businesses, banking, etc. Will contribute to the furthering and expanding of the Irish economy. Until more money can be made, the government is concerned over the infrastructure of Ireland and the lives of it's people. More effort will be made to secure funds for the infrastructure and continued efficiency of the nation.

    Creation Of The Irish Federal Guard
    The Irish government has created the Irish Federal Guard, a military unit responsible for the protection of the government and it's chief ministers and the President. They will be selected from the most elite of Ireland's soldiers, and trained for months in rigorous, grueling training. When on duty, the guards will have new uniforms of Leinster Blue color with white pants, black jackboots, white brim hat, white gloves, (White great coat when raining or inclimate weather) a parade rifle with bayonet, and a pistol. Each will be expertly trained to commando levels, and when deployed, they will wear the standard uniform of the Defense Forces, except they will have Blue Berets / helmets with blue insignia, and a badge of the Federal Guard. There will be a maximum of 500 Federal Guards, and training will begin immediately. There will be one Guard Company per province in the Federal Guard. One for Connaught, one for Leinster, and one for Munster, with badges of each province as well as the Federal Guard insignia. The other two will not have a prescribed province assigned to it.

    Ireland Offers A Trade Agreement To The Following Nations:
    France, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark. This trade agreement will be purely economical and NOT military, as the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are worried about international relations. Ireland hopes for a mutually beneficial agreement with these nations.

    Ireland Offers The Icelandic Defense Forces Assistance.
    The Irish Ministry of Defense has sent a letter to the nation of Iceland, offering to send a Brigadier General from the 2nd Division, and officers to help train the new Icelandic Defense Forces. Ireland recognizing that a nation should be allowed to defend itself, and is proud to help others in this endeavor

    Non Aggression Pact Offers!
    Ireland, in her quest to stay neutral, had her Ministry of Foreign Affairs send letters to the following nations asking for a Non Aggression Pact in the spirit of friendship: France, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

    The President Addresses The People!
    The President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde, speaks to the people of Ireland in a radio address today, explaining to the people of Ireland that these decisions are not to drag Ireland into war, but to defend her, to ensure a foreverlasting Ireland. With a quote from his speech: "We earned our place in the world, but now we must hold it. We must make sure our sons and daughters have a home when we are gone! The future of Ireland depends on us, and what we do now. We will make sure we have a future, and ensure it is a future worth fighting for! Nunc et aeterna! Now and Forever!" The President's voice was met with cheers all over Ireland, as the patriotic people of Ireland applauded the President's will to fight for his people, and a weight was lifted off the shoulders of the people that the President was not increasing the military with a foolhardy abandon. The Defense of Ireland is his goal, and the support of the people can be felt in the air.

    Alliance with the UK.
    Defense Forces build up.
    Plans for the destroyer LÉ Saint Patrick underway.
    Defense Forces build fortifications on the South Shore.
    Agricultural buildup and increases.
    Economic increases and security, as well as infrastructure security.
    Creation of the Irish Federal Guard.
    Trade Agreement sent out.
    Offer to the Icelandic Defense Forces.
    Non Aggression Pact offers sent out.
    President Douglas Hyde addresses the people.
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    "Nihil Sine Deo"

    The Kingdom of Romania denounces the French ultimatum
    Threatening other nations with ultimatums is unlikely to bring out anything good, therefore, the Kingdom of Romania formally denounces the French Republic, as we think the actions of France are not healthy at maintaining peace on the continent.

    Improving the infrastructure in Dobrogea
    The region of Dobrogea will benefit of funds allocated to the improvement of infrastructure and the construction of schools. According to an old Romanian saying, "Ai carte, ai parte" (You have the book, you have the knowledge), a saying that still remains true.

    Father and son, back on good terms again
    His Majesty King Carol II has been spotted spending more and more time with Prince Michael, seemingly both happy. After the ascension of His Majesty to the throne of the Kingdom in early June 1930, his relations with his son have appeared to turn from bad to worse, but lately the two have been spotted spending time together. Perhaps, King Carol II will one day see his son being crowned as the new King of all Romanians.

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    Iceland accepts Irish Military Advisor, Holds open hand to all others who wish to help
    The Prime Minister of Iceland, Hermann Jónasson, accepts the proposition from Ireland to have their own Brigadier General visit Iceland to help train the newly established Icelandic Defense Force. Following this acceptance of this advisory, the Prime Minister now has offered an open hand and door to any nation that is willing to send their own military advisors to assist in the training of the new 3500 troops. The Prime Minister also issued this statement to the local press, “The Icelandic people now have the means of defending themselves unlike any part of history. I hope that this cooperation with Ireland may be a fruitful endeavor and that other nations might help out in this momentous occasion of Icelandic sovereignty over its own defense.”

    Icelandic-Irish Non-Aggression Pact & Trade Agreement Void
    While the people of Iceland are free to their own government, the Danish King is still the ruler of the Kingdom. This Irish offer of Non-aggression can not be accepted and will not be accepted due to the Icelandic government respect and fear of its overlord, Denmark. Out of respect for their King , the Althing (Icelandic Parliament) has refrained and disposed of the offer and has deferred the decision of non-aggression and trade to Christian X. Iceland will not unilaterally declare any treaties, alliances, or war due to the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union of 1918.

    Til framtíðar og frelsis

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    Czechoslovak Republic- March 1938


    "Pravda vítězí"

    The Czechoslovak Republic Denounces The French Ultimatum!

    The Czechoslovak Republic at this moment Formally denounces the French Ultimatum. Such a brash use of diplomacy will only bring forth more problems in the efforts to achieve peace on the Iberian Peninsula. The French Republic should recall their ultimatum, to keep any significant powers from escalating an already destructive conflict.

    Emphasis On Agricultural production

    The Czechoslovak Republic, already blessed with a large and successful industrial heartland; moves to increase and improve agricultural production within the Republic. Territories Such as Slovakia and the autonomous province of Carpathian Ruthenia will be the main benefactors. The Chamber of deputies plans to set aside funding for this project, pushed by the dominant Republican Party of Agricultural and Smallholder peoples. By supporting agrarian communities in fields of ranching, farming, and forestry. The Czechoslovak Republic will be closer to the goal of self-sustainability, ensuring that the country can eliminate foreign imported foodstuffs. The secondary objective of the project is to create a stronger bond between the government and the multitude of cultures in the Republic; ensuring national harmony and prosperity.

    Expanding and Innovating the Czechoslovak Air Force

    The Czechoslovak Army is now pushing to expand and eventually update the Czechoslovakian Air Force. Avia, a branch of the extensive Skoda works. Well scripted on how to make aeroplanes, has been offered funding to increase production of Czechoslovakian aircraft. The following companies: Aero, Avia, Beneš-Mráz, Letov, Praga, Tatra and Zlin, and Engine makers including ČKD, Walter and Škoda have all been invited to join in a competition to create a new main fighter for the Czechoslovakian Air Force. The current main fighter, the Avia B-534 is considered obsolete and is in need of being updated. Rewards for a successful design include extra funding and exclusive rights to provide arms to the Czechoslovakian Army.

    President Beneš Addresses to The People!

    In a speech outside the gates of Prague Castle, President Edvard Beneš calms the minds of the Czechoslovak people. Speaking of the uncertain future of the nation, and the direction it is heading; Stating, “Our Republic is young and small, but we have one. And in order to protect it, we must all be prepared to stand unified. Not as Czechs, Slovaks, Germans, Hungarians, or Ruthenians, but as one people! Pravda Vítêzí!” (Truth Prevails!) The roars of the crowd could be heard from many streets as the crowd applauded the brave and inspiring words of their leader. By promoting unity and cohesion among the multitude of cultures with the nation, The Czechoslovak Republic is hoping to promote national unity. To ensure that the Republic stands the tests of time.
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    "För Sverige – i tiden"

    Trade offer from Ireland accepted
    May this deal ensures prosperity and enhance the friendship between our people.

    Non-Aggression pact from Ireland rejected
    Sweden is unsure what Ireland is currently thinking about us and why it thinks such a pact should be needed. Foreign Minister Sandler found this offer without having any talks offending!

    Sweden denounces the threatening ultimatum from France
    The lack of diplomatic skill shown from this nation was shocking to high ranking members of the cabinet. Stationing troops to a already war torn-nation and threatening it, instead of offering any help possible came as a disgusting surprise

    Military Maneuvers
    Naval, air and land forces are starting grand maneuvers. It is planned for two months and is aiming to train our forces for joined combat operations

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    Ultimatum Not Met
    With the lack of any form of response from either the nation of Portugal or the Spanish republicans, the French government has agreed that this is a deliberate act of ignorance and will hereby deliver on it's warning. As of yesterday morning three squadrons of our navy have been dispatched to the southern coast of Spain from where they are occupy positions outside of strategic Republican held ports, these squadrons shall not leave their positions until an agreement, on the Iberian peninsula, is reached. Early this morning President Lebrun gave a speech to the press addressing the cries from other nations, it follows as so.

    "To those nations new and old who have denounces our recent actions against the Republican Spanish I tell you this non, of your nations have experience the true horrors of what civil war and revolution can bring unto a nation, the atrocities that are caused with the aim of further a sides chances of victory but what can come after the matter can be just as terrible if not worse, one only needs to look back just over a hundred years to see the tragedies which befell my country and my fellow countrymen. The French government's main concern is to bring peace to this matter, in what form it is to come in remains to be seen. However I forcertian know this, if this war is to continue more innocents are needlessly going to and I for one am not going to allow that to happen.
    And by all means these people have the right to say these things about us but I know we are doing the right thing."

    Military Modifications
    After a recent re-evaluation of our army it has been revealed that certain task undertaken by our troops have now been considered backwards and counterproductive to the armies progression. The government has now set into action plans to aid in correcting the current issues.

    Air Power Increase
    Recent reports from Air High Command have noted that in its current state our air force is less than adequate for periods of prolonged use. The government has hereby issued an initiative for a large scale increase of the french air force over the next few months.

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    "Enige og tro inntil Dovre faller"

    Expansion of the Military narrowly fails final vote
    A proposal for the expansion of the military, in response to recent actions around Europe, failed by only one vote today. First proposed by the Minister of Defense, the plan would have called for a restructuring of the military command structure, as well as the doubling of the military's size. Christian Monsen, Minister of Defense, said "I'm deeply disappointed by the course of events today. I had high hopes the leaders of this great nation would see the dire need for this reform, and the promotion of peace with it. Sadly, these hopes were not realized today. But I will continue to push this need, and will not stop until our military is made great again. One of the opposing voters, Minister of Church Affairs and Education Nils Hjelmveit, said "I am proud that my fellow countrymen denied this blatant act of warmongering against the wishes of the people of Norway. I hope that we can set an example for all other nations that war is not the way to peace." The vote has put a very clear rift in the current government, and the general populace is divided on the issue of whether to re-militarize the country or not. Several analysts have predicted that if the issue is not settled soon, and with tensions already high, the current cabinet and the population may find itself in a dividing crisis.

    Norway regretfully declines Ireland's offer
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Halvdan Koht, regretfully announced that Norway will decline Ireland's offer of a non-aggression pact. "I am offended that the nations surrounding the great Kingdom of Norway were offered a trade agreement, but we were not. We would have gladly accepted in this case, however, this rude gesture has quashed any desire of acceptance. Like my counterpart in Sweden, I also simply cannot accept a non-aggression pact out of the blue. Norway stands on a policy of peace, and as much as I would like to accept this offer, I simply cannot.

    The Prime Minister gives a speech on Recent Actions
    In response to recent actions by France, Prime Minister Johan Nygaardsvold issued this statement: "Norway, as always, stands on a policy of peace. Recent actions in Iberia have taken a turn for the worse, and rising bloodshed casts a shadow of horror over all of Europe. I pray for a speedy end to the conflict plaguing this great continent, and ask that all nations join me in this hope. At this time, Norway will take no official stance on the actions of France in the conflict, nor on the conflict itself, but rather we hope for an ultimately peaceful end to the bloodshed before too many lives are lost. We will not turn our heads towards the actions of others, and the callings of bloody warfare, but rather turn our heads to the future and to a prosperous future of peace and unity.

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    A number of diplomatic initiatives have been undertaken recently by Italy and the Italian government eagerly awaits the results of these missives. In a recent speech to crowds in Rome, Il Duce stated that overtures had been made to a number of states and that he had high hopes that these initiatives would bear fruit which would benefit the whole of Europe.

    A year after the conflict in Ethiopia, Italy feels that she can now reward her brave soldiers by offering discharges to those who wish to start a new life. She asks only that those discharged retain their arms, should the need arise to defend the homeland again.

    As part of the on-going modernisation and development programme for the Regia Marina, a large scale naval exercise will be held in the Mediterranean to the west of Sicily. These manoeuvres will highlight any deficiencies within the Regia Marina and provide a practical test-bed for the development and improvement of the navy in the coming years.

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