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Thread: BoP: Europe 1938 - Main Thread

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    "Dieu et mon droit"

    Vote of No Confidence!
    The Parliament of the United Kingdom has called for a Vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister immediately due to Prime Minister Chamberlain's ineffectiveness in keeping the peace in Europe.

    The United Kingdom calls for a Conference!
    His Majesty King George VI has personally invited the following nations to send Representatives to Buckingham Palace to attend a Conference, discussing many items of import. You may bring personal bodyguards, however, they may not bring weapons into Buckingham Palace, only the King's Guard may carry weapons on the premises, and they will ensure everyone's safety. When outside of Buckingham Palace, your bodyguards are free to openly carry weapons. Please do not wander around outside of Buckingham Palace alone without your security details. If you have no security details and wish to visit somewhere in the UK, a member of the King's Guard will be assigned to you to protect you for the duration.
    - France
    - Italy
    - Czechoslovakia
    - Yugoslavia
    - Turkey
    - Albania
    - Netherlands
    - Norway
    - Denmark
    - Iceland
    - Sweden
    - Finland

    Alert Status!
    Field Marshal General and Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Lord Sir Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount of Alanbrooke, KG, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO, and BAR; of the British Territorial Army has placed the military on Alert Status today. No deployment plans have been made, but defensive plans have been put in place. With the shadow of the Great War looming over the world once again, Britain will defend her Island to the last man if it comes to that.

    Britain Leaves!
    In defiance, the British government has left the League of Nations and the International Criminal Police Commission.

    The United Kingdom raises it's armies!
    The General Staff of the British Army has called out an order to Great Britain and all of the Commonwealth to begin putting out recruitment campaigns to raise volunteers and increase enlistment. Young men and women of the British Empire and the Commonwealth, we must stand together to defend what is ours!

    Britain supports Czechoslovakia!
    Britain sends out their support for Czechoslovakia, the Anglican Church begins prayers for the brave soldiers of the Balkan Entente fighting for their countries, their families, their livelihoods. King George VI himself spoke on a Radio Address to the entire Commonwealth that the bravery of the Balkan Entente is a prime example of what humanity should aspire to, and that the payers of the entire Commonwealth of Great Britain are with the honorable soldiers of the Balkans. "May God watch over your shoulders, may He pick up arms and fight beside you, may He bring your sons, fathers, and brothers home safely. Freedom and Democracy must never perish from this Earth, lest we be slaves to evil, those that fight, fight for the preservation of the very ideals that civilization was built upon. God Speed to the Balkans." The King's Guard Band plays the Czechoslovakian National Anthem on their instruments within the gates of Buckingham Palace today.

    Britain calls for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister
    Britain calls for a Conference in Buckingham Palace
    The military is placed on a defensive Alert
    Britain leaves the League of Nations and the ICPC
    Britain begins raising it's armies, and those of it's entire Commonwealth.
    Britain supports the Balkan Entente
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    Czechoslovak Republic- April #3

    "Pravda vtěz"

    The Czechoslovak Republic Accepts British Invitation to Conference

    Though the Czechoslovak Republic is embroiled in a large scale war, as well as being brutally invaded. The Republic has decided to send a delegation to the conference regardless, due to the U.Ks cordial support to the Balkan Entente, and their support for the freedom and sovereignty of the Czechoslovak nation. Hopefully an agreement can be reached to once again bring peace to Europe.

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    The Republic of Finland declines the invitation to the conference

    The Prime Minister Aimo Cajander said the following: “While we of course appreciate the gesture, we feel that participating in such a conference that is missing certain key representatives is unfair. We also feel that the goal of of the conference is too vague and attending it would make our neutrality questionable.”
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    "Съединението прави силата"


    Following the Romanian invitation as of last week the Royal Household has announced that His Majesty Boris III of Bulgaria will be paying a state visit to Romania in order to have a meeting with his northern counterpart. It is the hope of His Majesty and His Government that such a visit might serve to further improve relations between our two great nations even as our neighbours find themselves at war the Bulgarian Government is hoping to improve on the amicable relationship we have enjoyed in the past.


    With the failure of the League to settle disputes and prevent conflict between nations over such disputes for which it was created and the departure of numerous important powers from the organisation the League of Nations has proven itself to be yet another failed attempt at creating lasting peace. Therefor the Bulgarian Government no longer has any interest in continued membership of this "uncouth masquerade" and has subsequently decided to withdraw from it in entirety.

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    "Један народ, један краљ, једна држава "

    Yugoslavia leaves league of nations.

    The Yugoslav government considers the peace-keeping efforts of the League a complete and total failure, as evidenced by the second great war that is now engulfing Europe, in which we are now involved. Indeed when Germany marched into Austria not a single finger was lifted by The League of Nations. Every action the League HAS taken so far has amounted to little more than a waste of quality paper, and Yugoslavia see's it's continued membership in the organization a waste of our statesmen's time.
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