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Thread: BoP: Europe 1938 - Main Thread

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    "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"

    Germany will Attend the Summit

    Even though Germany has had Extensive talks with the esteemed diplomats of Czechoslovakia, even going so far as to offer to PAY for territory that was stripped away from the German people at the end of The Great War. Germany does not believe that justice will prevail at this summit but for the sake of peace we will attend.

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    "Bealtaine Dia a threorú dúinn"

    President of Ireland resigns:
    Earlier today, His Excellency The President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde, has resigned from his office as President due to his mental state. Old age and stress has contributed to President Hyde's deterioration over the years, and it has reached it's breaking point. For the good of Ireland, he has decided to relieve himself of duty as President and Supreme Commander of the military. His last orders are for the Irish Defense Forces to stand down back to Peacetime Status, 5,000 of the 10,000 garrison forces to return to their original postings. Ireland will be ending the sanctions against Sweden effective immediately. Ireland will also be ceasing all current recently licensed equipment due to it's inherent affiliation with German equipment, and the backlash that would stem from that. Instead, Ireland will produce it's own military equipment, as there is no need for that much modern military equipment for self defense. During the retirement ceremony, the Irish Defense Forces Honor Guard Band played ceremonial music, and he was retired with full honors. He reported to the newspapers that he plans to move to the countryside, to get some peace and quiet.

    New President of Ireland Sworn in:
    As of three hours ago, the Minister of Education, Quincy Adams (32 YO) was sworn in by a priest as the new President of Ireland to fill in for Former President Hyde, and complete Hyde's 8 year term. Next month, President Adams will give his Parliament Address Speech, and review the Irish Defense Forces.

    Formal Apology:
    President Quincy Adams and the Parliament of Ireland have issued a Formal Apology to the League of Nations for the actions of Ireland. It was an honor for Ireland to be invited to become a member nation of the League of Nations, and we have not yet earned it. Ireland being a new nation, only recently becoming a nation in 1938, we are new to the world stage, and we are still, in some ways, in survival mode from our days as a Confederacy in the Irish Free State, trying to live to fight another day. Obviously those days are over, and we are trying to move forward. It is difficult for a budding nation to gain it's legs in the world, but we are trying. We will persevere.

    President Adams would like to have a peace talk with the Scandinavian nations:
    President Quincy Adams personally sends letters to the Scandinavian nations to request peace talks to resolve the differences between Ireland and the respective nations. "In these troubled times, more conflict and strife will do little good for anyone, we should like to have peace if possible." states the President on his radio address.

    Ireland returns it's norms:
    President Adams and the Irish Parliament have decided to return to normalcy by cutting diplomatic ties with Germany. Parliament and the Ministry of Defense have also begun producing it's standard equipment again. A constant flow of SMLE rifles, ammo, Brodie Helmets, and WW1 era Anglo Army uniforms for it's military.

    Gesture of Faith:
    As a gesture of good faith to it's neighbors, Ireland has vastly lowered to amount of troops it is increasing to. The Original number was 90,000 total. 70,000 Army, 10,000 Air Force, and 10,000 Navy. This has been reduced to 40,000 Army, 1,500 Air Force, and 1,500 Navy. The Nation of Ireland still plans to train 500 members into the Federal Guard, as they will be the protectors of the President, protectors of the President's household, protectors of the government, protectors of visiting VIP's, honor guard, and national federal agents tasked with solving major crimes.

    Vice President will be selected:
    Ireland will select candidates from among the government to serve as the Vice President of the Republic of Ireland. Candidates must go through extensive background checks, and the best candidate must be approved by Parliament. Once a Vice President is chosen, they can begin serving Ireland faithfully and dutifully.

    Douglas Hyde resigns from Presidency
    New President of Ireland sworn in
    Ireland issues a formal apology to the League of Nations
    President Adams requests peace talks with the Scandinavian Nations
    Ireland cuts diplomatic ties to Germany
    Ireland begins producing the military equipment it already owns, and will stick with their WW1 era equipment.
    Ireland reduces it's buildup as a gesture of good faith
    Vice President of Ireland candidates will be selected shortly
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    Albania sends representatives to the peace summit

    ALthough it seems as though these talks will have no effect it is paramount that war be avoided as the puny balkan nations stand no chance against Germany. ALL MIGHTLY ALBANIA however, does have the capability to annex Germany. MAY ALL MIGHTY ZOG I LIVE ON
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    The Republic of Estonia

    The Republic of Estonia

    Estonian President Konstantin Päts adresses the People of the Republic of Estonia

    After recieving a message from the Observer sent to the Summit in France, regarding the Tensions surounding the Sudetenland that War has broken out between Germany and Czechoslovakia, with German Tanks Crossing the German-Czechoslovakian Border, the Estonian President Konstantin Päts adresses the Estonian People. In his speech, wich held on the Freedom Square in Tallinn and wich was broadcasted on the radio, the President called the Estonian People for Unity, as "the time that lies before us looks grim and threatening for all of us equally". He stated that an Emergency Cabinet will be selected wich is to assemble the next day and at the request of the President. Its Purpose is to discuss and decide upon necessary precautions. "Amongst others, it will consist of representatives of all political parties, to ensure that our Democracy doesn't turn into Tyranny in the face of fear and danger" the President said. At the end of his speech, the President expressed that Estonia is willed to defend its sovereignty; "If the time comes that our newly gained Independence and our newly gained Nation is attacked and is in the need to be defended, we shall do so!". With those words he ended his speech.

    Estonia declares Military Neutrality in the German-Czech Conflict

    The Government of the Republic of Estonia officialy declares Military Neutrality with Reservation in the German-Czech Conflict with the Sudetenland as main point of Conflict. The Republic of Estonia offers to act as mediator between the warring Nations.

    The Government starts to create Reserves on Food, Fodder and Fuel

    In the Face of the Outbrake of War between Germany and Czechoslovakia, Estonia starts to create Reserves on Food, Fodder and Fuel. The reserves should ensure the self-sufficiency of the Republic of Estonia in the case of a partial or complete breakdown of trade. The Government will buy the reserves from Local Farmers and Producers as well as from the trade with other Nations.

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    Small Update

    So it Begins.

    It was a surprisingly cold day on the 6th April and Czechoslovakian soldiers had settled in to daily routine alone their defensive border positions with Germany in the Sudeten. Mobilisation orders had been issued on the 4th and now the closest mobilised units were already beginning to arrive on the front line. With them came increased numbers of supply trucks with ammunition and an alarming amount of AA guns that were to be put into place along the lines. As the day’s work dragged on massive amounts of movement from across the border alerted the Czech soldiers that something this day was not right. Men were ordered to positions and the stand to was ordered all along the line. Soon radios were alive all along the border HQs that this increased movement was occurring all along the border from the South Moravian Region to the Liberec Region. A single message however cut through all over communications, “Německé tanky překročily hranici v Jihomoravském kraji.” It was in Southern Moravia that the first action of the day occurred. German air assets set upon Czech positions without mercy. Despite valiant efforts by AA positions there was little to be done against the almost endless waves of the Luftwaffe. As this rain from hell continued, and begun all along the border, the German Panzers that had first crossed the border set upon the defensive lines. The 7.Panzerdivsion wasted little time in their advance blasting at dug outs or the Czech 11. Pěchotní Divize before rolling over and onwards as the supporting 11. and 12.Infanteriedivision flowed in behind them and swept up any resistance. All along the previously Austria-Czech border these kinds of breakthroughs were being achieved as the German 5.Armee smashed its way through the resisting 3. Polní Armáda.

    By the 8th, the 5.Armee drank in their successful breakthroughs along the lines. However, it was not all roses for the German offensive. Not all units of the 5.Armee were successful in their breakthroughs as a number of Czechoslovakia positions held out valiantly. The German offensives into the Sudeten had also found themselves fighting a far harder engagements than they expected. Though small breakthroughs were managed in the brutal two days of fighting the heavily dug in and fortified Czech positions had managed to shake off the initial air attacks and had managed their positions grimly determined to sell themselves deerly in the defense of their home land. Whilst the German tanks enjoyed an easy technological advantage over any Czech counter parts, none were to be found holding the defensive lines and the leading Panzers were met by relentless hail of AT fire from both Infantry level AT rifles up to high caliber AT guns. The first German tank loss of the war was suffered at 17:03 by the 5.Panzerdivion as a high powered AT shell managed a penetrating shot. Soon a number of German Panzers were either destroyed or crippled and they struggled to navigate the massive mess of tank traps established by the Czech engineers.

    In the air the Československé letectvo put up little resistance to the Luftwaffe. The Bf109s cut through the out of date biplanes of the Czechoslovak pilots.There was little to be done as every dog fight left Germans in command of the skies with minimal losses. It was clear that this war was going to be a desperate hold out for the Czechoslovakians as they awaited support from their Balkan Entente allies. Losses between the 6th to 8th April numbered 2,200 men, 19 tanks and 21 planes for the Germans and 4,500 men, 0 tanks and 51 planes for the Czechoslovakians.

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    Czechoslovak Republic- April #2

    "Pravda vítězí"

    Formal Declaration of WAR

    After the failure of the hastily created summit talks in Paris, and a full scale German invasion on the sovereign territory of Czechoslovakia. The Republic and its allies in the Balkan Entente has no other choice but to declare War on the German Reich!

    Heroics at the front line

    Hajek Kratochvil, a rifleman in the 25th anti-tank battalion, within the 11th Pěchotní divize
    has been honored today as a hero of the Czechoslovak Republic. Stationed at the front line when the invasion began, his battalion was hit by countless air-raids by the Luftwaffe, and pounded by constant German artillery for hours. His battalion, along with his division was then assaulted by massive amounts of German tanks and infantry. Regardless of the odds, Hajek and his fellow brave Czechs took to their positions to protect the Republic. Within a few hours, the first German tanks appeared in range, shelling the battalion's position with accurate cannon fire, throwing it into disarray. The German tanks then began to rapidly advance on Hajek’s position, but the brave soldier stood ready to defend his country; running to and firing an available anti-tank gun at point blank range, scoring a penetrating hit on a leading panzer IV. As the tank burst in flames due to a munitions explosion, The 25th Anti-Tank battalion rallied and began firing a hail of anti tank fire at the advancing German Armor. Scoring more tank kills and temporarily halting the enemy advance. Due to Hajek’s brave conduct in battle, and his unwavering service to the Czechoslovak Republic, Hajek will be awarded the, “War Cross” for his individual acts of military valor.

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    Për Komandantin e Lartë Mbreti Zog I Madhërisë së Tij

    Albania Declares War on Germnay
    With the attack of our Balkan brothers in Czechoslovakia, it is of the utmost necessity that Germany faces the wrath of Albania's legions!

    Albania Reforms Industry
    With war ravaging Europe Albania's industry must pick up the slack in terms of production. All workers still working in unnecessary industries baring agriculture or food production will be given a handsome wage of 20 Lek per day to construct new factories in which they will also be housed. Once said factories are completed. When said factories are completed those that built them will work within them for the benifit of glorious Albania. LONG LIVE KING ZOG!
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    "Један народ, један краљ, једна држава "

    Yugoslavia declares war.

    Germany will pay the blood price for their illegal and unprovoked invasion of Austria and our ally Czechoslovakia.

    Pvt. William J. Sadowski

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    The government of the Republic of Finland publicly rejects the Estonian cooperation offer and will stay strictly neutral

    Prime Minister Aimo Cajander announced: “The treaty between Germany and Soviet Union has been signed, and I believe the tensions between these two nations, and overall in the world, will calm down. Our nation has been offered multiple things, and I would wish to clear some things up. We see no reason to associate ourselves with a seemingly anti-Russian military alliance in any way, even if some of our old friends might be part of it. Finland will stay strictly neutral and will rather focus on solving internal issues than external.”

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    France Severs Diplomatic Ties

    With Germany's recent unprovoked invasion of Czechoslovakia, undertaken during a summit to stop exactly that, the government in its entirety has unanimously agreed to sever all ties with our German neighbour active immediately. Infact as this article is being written members of the Gendarme have entered the German embassy in Paris and are apprehending all staff within the building, in preparation to be extradited back to Germany within the next 24 hours. The government warns Germany that this is only the first of many steps prepared to be undertaken in response for German aggression against Czechoslovakia. As of now the German embassy and all items discovered inside the building and on embassy staff belong to the French state. France recalls diplomats from Berlin.

    New Prime Minister Enters Office

    On the 10th of April Édouard Daladier was sworn in as prime minister of France. Daladier's first action as prime minister was to denounce Germany's actions and to urge the Russians to withdraw support for their treaty with Germany stating "The Germans are clearly looking to benefit noone but their own kind." Daladier has also vowed to try and begin to heal the rift forming in French society by trying to get the citizens of France to set their differences aside in an attempt to preserve and further the nation they all hold dear. Furthermore Daladier has announced that he will be stepping down from his additional role as Minister of War and National Defense as he was quoted saying "I can think of plenty men more suited for the job than I."

    De Gaulle to be Minister of War

    After prime minister Daladier's resignation from the post the Government spent no time in instating Charles de Gaulle as the new Minister of War. Government officials were noted as saying that they have had an eye on him for quite some time and believed he is more than suited for the job. There has been no word form de Gaulle as of yet but colleges close to him have said he is more than elated with his position.

    Garde Nationale

    With Europe once again raging in the the flames of war and de Gaulles recommendation the Government has decided to reform the Garde Nationale with all immediate haste. Units will be garrisoned in every town and city across France and shall be used in all manner of tasks to aid the local populace. The Government encourages all those who want an early start in armed forces and all those too old to serve but still want to do their bit to join up. The Garde Nationale shall be recruiting those starting from the age of 16 and ending at 50.

    De Gaulle Inspects New Garde Nationale Troops

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