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Thread: BoP: Europe 1938 - Main Thread

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain issues a formal declaration of war against Germany, siding with the Balkan Alliance. The Kingdom of Great Britain calls their allies, France, Portugal, and Ireland into war as well; including the entire British Commonwealth. The full might of the British Empire will be brought forth to destroy the enemies of freedom and democracy. The thousands of years of military tradition instilled in the hearts of every brave soul of Britain as they prepare for war. The Royal Regiment of the Grenadier Guards play the Grenadier March on fife and drum outside of Buckingham Palace today. God Save The King.

    Britain declares war on Germany.

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    The Kingdom of Greece

    “Ἐλευθερία ἢ Θάνατος”

    Greece Pushes to Join the Balkan Entente
    As a member of the Balkan Pact it is vital that the Kingdom of Greece honours it’s treaties. We will not allow Germany to continue its path of conquest into the Balkans. Greece formally requests an immediate meeting with representatives from the Balkan Entente in Athens. In order to discuss Greece joining the Entente and the common defence of our mutual territories.

    Greece Enacts Full Mobilization
    The Kingdom of Greece will not stand idly by while our neighbours fall to invasion. Therefore it is extremely important that we mobilize to defend our nation, and our allies. War production will be paramount to arm our growing military, and to support the new war effort.

    The Kingdom of Greece Formally Declares War on Germany
    Germany has broken the Balkan Pact by not respecting the national sovereignty of Romania and Yugoslavia. Greece will not allow Germany to invade the Balkans and ultimately, our territory, and our homes. Therefore the Greek nation will take the fight to the invaders. Reserves have been called forward and all prepare now to fight for freedom for not just Greece, but all of Europe. A state of war now exists between the Kingdom of Greece and Germany.
    Greece pushes to join Balkan Entente
    Greece begins full mobilization
    Greece declares war on Germany

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    The Balkan Entente accepts The Kingdom of Greece into the fold!

    Following a unanimous vote from all member nations, The Balkan Entente cordially accepts The Kingdom of Greece in the alliance, as well as the conference to discuss matters with the Greek government in Athens; Representatives of the Balkan entente are being sent their way. The Entente praises the Greeks on their commitment and will to abide by past treaties, regardless of the danger presented by doing so. A vast majority of the Balkans has now unified to stem the tide of German aggression, brought together to bring peace to the European Mainland once more.
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    "För Sverige – i tiden"

    Sweden invites Norway and Denmark to an emergency meeting
    With the war escalating around Scandinavia, the Swedish government feels the need to discuss and align the potential necessary steps

    Sweden enhances military production and also its standing armed forces
    Georg Homin, a captain on the General Staff, stated:

    "Without a defensive force we cannot follow any policy of our own, our declarations become merely empty words and we leave the country's fate to chance, or to the decisions of others. With a defense as strong as Swedish conditions allow, we secure for ourselves the basis of a continued independent Swedish policy."

    Another call to Finnland
    Your struggle to stay neutral is in vain, your fate will be decided by others if you do not chose to join your brothers from Scandinavia. It is up to you, to take all necessary steps to protect your country and your people.

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