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Thread: Steam Release Private Servers Question

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    Steam Release Private Servers Question


    When can we expect to hear any news on us getting our own private servers to train on and host line-battles?
    Now with Early Access a musket shot away, I would assume this will come eventually.

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    Community hosted servers will likely be available at the EA launch, if not then then soon after.

    You can moderate these as you please but note that we are not supporting password protected servers for the EA launch (we may in the future if we see a need for it).

    - Trusty

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    From my experience, communities would like to have the Option to put and remove passwords on their own private servers for use in closed events, trainings, fun Regimental-events.

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    I think the problem with password protected servers, is that given the userbase isn't huge and most people tend to be in companies, the casual player will just immediately be put off if the only active servers are locked. If the game wants to grow it can't really have that.

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    To start, as long as there is the functionality to boot people, that would be sufficient.

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    Private servers aren't showing up in the in-game server list making them useless for the moment for the public at large

    Actually... only about 25 servers are showing up in-game whereas there's 53 in the steam browser. You can't connect from the steam browser though (I hope that's fixed though)

    -- nevermind. Now there's 53 showing up.
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    I think password protected servers are a huge NEED for a game like this.
    I'm part of quite a big Regiment which would love to play this game in organized Events, but we can't since there's no way to keep uninvited guests out of your Events.

    And no, I don't think it would hurt your Playerbase if you offer that... Lots of People only play games like these because of closed Events and won't even touch it without them.

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    It is certainly an urgent order of business that private servers can be password protected otherwise proper serious regiment vs regiment linebattles won't be able to happen meaning that organised communities from other similar games will not want to properly transition to WoR in a major way. My regiment included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    Community hosted servers will likely be available at the EA launch, if not then then soon after.

    You can moderate these as you please but note that we are not supporting password protected servers for the EA launch (we may in the future if we see a need for it).

    - Trusty
    This is a tone deaf response. Can you explain the reasoning for killing your own game in it's crib?

    Passworded servers are a necessity

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    Do you guys think that closing a server and imposing artificial game rules ("line battles") is going to contribute in developing the game for public consumption?

    The thing is with line battle culture is if the game isn't adequately made for it then it's full of bickering and arguments and forces players to go against their own instinct which is inherently hopeless. The biggest problem with 'realism' communities across all games like this is a lot of people are totally happy retreating into locked servers a couple days a week for drills and closed events to the point they're only out and about to recruit. So unconnected new players are greeted with empty servers full of trolls and sub-par gameplay.

    That was the trap we fell into in Resistance and Liberation. I believe almost anyone would agree. Some people blamed me for destroying the community because my events were too good (or I banned too many people). whatsgoingonhere.gif People only wanted to play events in closed servers because it more closely provided the team-oriented gameplay they came to the game for in the first place. The developers had not taken a radical enough approach developing it in order to make players work close together and not rambo about. So public gameplay was not what people wanted, they wanted forced behavior. It got so bad that it became more and more difficult to muster enough players to go into a server to begin an event. As soon as we reached a threshold of a 2/3rds full server, a stampede would come. But your average player all but refused to spend time in a server playing the game normally for more than 10 or 15 minutes. It'd be infinitely better if the game coerced desired behavior to the point that a 'regiment' can just show up in a server and operate realistically and be successful. I think the balance is reachable but we're not there yet.

    I don't think a lot of people imagine this as being attainable so they just want a closed server. I admit that it's a little ridiculous to be able to have a server and not password it right now (among the more serious issues of not having admins - might want to add a disclaimer before people buy servers thinking it's anything other than a billboard ATM ). But I'm glad it's the case.
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