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Thread: Steam Release Private Servers Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xolbadur View Post
    I think password protected servers are a huge NEED for a game like this.
    I'm part of quite a big Regiment which would love to play this game in organized Events, but we can't since there's no way to keep uninvited guests out of your Events.

    And no, I don't think it would hurt your Playerbase if you offer that... Lots of People only play games like these because of closed Events and won't even touch it without them.
    I agree with this wholeheartedly. How hard is it to password protect a private server and what's the difference between a public server and a private server without this feature. Also, banning tools that allow quick and easy management of your server are a must. I know it's still Alpha, but I'm really hoping they implement the ability to password protect a private server soon.

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    There has to be an ability to lock servers at some point. In order to preserve the competitive scene within the game. So many people wouldnt come otherwise without organized events. There just has to be a way to lock things up when things get serious. It is annoying when you are trying to have an organized game against another unit but having random people from elsewhere barking orders when they should not be, charging at inappropriate times, or even worse are the people who think the only way to have fun is to troll. In theory companies are supposed to be able to match up with and play against other companies. But this does not work without an ability to keep the unwanted out

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