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Thread: 1st Light Artillery Pennsylvania Bat B looking for brigade

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    1st Light Artillery Pennsylvania Bat B looking for brigade

    Hello there,
    I run the 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery Bat B (This is the name, the company tool changed it and is wrong and I hope it will be fixed one day) and I'm finally back from my travels around Asia ready to start recruiting and putting my men under intense training now it's out on steam. However, being an arty regiment, I'm pretty small and I wondering if there is a brigade of some kind to take us in under your wing and help out on the side. My only request is that you let me keep my Cpt rank, our regiment name and the ability to run my own men if there is enough (if not then I'd just join the line as a Lt.). I'm EU based so that would also be helpful if you were so I was actually awake when you trained and played.

    Feel free to PM me or message below if you're interested in taking us on.

    Capt. Cooper.

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    He we are a german Company with around 50~ man and we play the 126th New York Company. If youre interested in joining as message me please^^

    Cpt. Greybeard

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    72nd PVI

    The 72nd Pennsylvania is the largest and most dedicated Pennsylvania unit. We would love to have you as an addition to the unit. We haven't formed a brigade just yet but we are planning on forming a special brigade I'm not allowed to disclose just yet but lets just say its special for Pennsylvania. Let me know if your interested. Just to show off some of our activity and organization here are screenshots from literally last night's event that had over 30 or over 40 72nd members:

    Two 72nd lines practicing volleys before event!

    72nd waiting in the forest for the rebs!

    If interested add me on steam: [72nd PVI] Cpt. Ogle
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    2nd Lt. Ogle
    1st Maine Cavalry Company G

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    Für die Union (welche zu 100% besser als der Süden ist)!

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