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Thread: Camp Curtin (Drill Server).

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    Camp Curtin (Drill Server).

    This idea is shelved for the foreseeable future as I did not foresee the number of companies who would prefer small drill servers which help them advertise and recruit better.

    I've had this concept thought out for a good while but I'm still refining my presentation of it. I'll update this post and add a new one when I finalize it. The server will not be up until January, possibly not until later depending on the readiness of admin commands. It'll be a sister server to Old Pennsylvania and will be permanently password-protected (once possible). Both servers will be out of New York.

    Camp Curtin was a major military training camp and transportation hub for the Union in Harrisburg, Pa named after the governor there, Andrew Curtin. An enormous number of troops passed through the camp during the war.

    The goal of this server is to facilitate camaraderie and promote cooperation between Union companies. Any Union company can base themselves and schedule Drills at Camp Curtin provided they meet the requirements which are...

    -Must maintain an enrollment over ten players and furnish up-to-date rosters
    -Must have a designated supreme commander and a designated second-in-command
    -Must schedule and hold a minimum of two drills each month with at least ten players on two separate drills
    -Must hold a minimum of one scheduled joint drill with any other Camp Curtin-based organization each month
    -Must provide one player (with admin abilities) to post an hour-long watch on the server twice a month at any time other than their own scheduled drills
    -Must attend their scheduled drills with one cancelled drill allowed each month
    -Must not intefere in other organizational drills

    There will also be a fee, a paltry $10 every three months payable via paypal. This will almost certainly go up to $15 every three months ($5/month) by the end of 2019 in order to cover the full cost of the server (presently $333 for 3 months). Payments due within 30 days of the organization's acceptance.

    The password will rotate and be available at a location server organizations can find. Organizations will have the ability to have several admins so that they're able to police their own drills properly.

    Organizations that fail to meet the standards or have player disciplinary issues (within Camp Curtin) will get demerits and individual players can also face bans, depending on the severity of the infraction. Organizations can get up to 9 demerits a year before getting removed on their 10th. These will be privately tracked by myself and the organization leaders will be notified if any are obtained.

    Organizations schedule their own drills at least 72 hours in advance. They can be from 30-120 minutes. Prime demand hours will be restricted on a basis that ensures equitable distribution (you can't schedule a 5pm EST drill every Friday). Anything done during the main server operating hours has to be scheduled. Server updates will obviously be an issue that may delay some trainings during the busy WoR development period.

    Joint trainings can be between any number of Camp Curtin-based organizations as long as the server can hold them all.

    There will be monthly or bi-monthly open house recruitment in the server that organizations and the public will be encouraged to attend. Confederates, and the general public aside from invited VIPs, aren't allowed on the server. New recruits are the responsibility of their home organization and must have some form of unit tags which identify them or be closely accompanied.

    Late night (after 10PM or possibly later depending on West Coast units) any server organizations can use the server but during the day (~11AM EST - 10PM EST) it's by schedule only.

    Any rule changes that are not essential or emergency in nature (due to new glitches or major issues) will come with a 30 day notice beforehand.

    So basically if you have ten+ reliable members, $3-$5/month, want a private place to drill holding up to 150 players, and have the ability to plan your drills more than 72 hours out then this could be for you. You can have your own additional server, but if you do you may be lower priority for scheduling drills.

    I'm hopeful there will later be a manner to keep the server *permanently* passworded by a server configuration file or something at a later point in time as well as allow organizations to change the server map (world) to any they want during their training either through the web interface or in-game.
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