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Thread: Company Events Discord Server

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    Company Events Discord Server

    This server has been around for a few months now and now that the game is on Early Access, we're seeing a rise in a lot of new companies. Due to at least one server almost always being full, it's becoming a lot harder for people to keep track of all the new companies and get in contact with the staff. So I've finally decided to post the link to the server here.

    This server exists to make communication among companies easier. Most of the staff members from the large companies are in the server so if you're looking to plan an event, you can contact them directly or you can post your idea in the chat and see if anyone is interested in participating.

    This isn't exactly a community server where anyone can join and talk about the game. This server is mainly for Company Staff to communicate. That being said, to see anything of importance in the server, you need to be in a company (or Campfire Games) and if you are not a member of your company's staff, joining is at your commander's discretion.

    It is organized so that each regiment has a command and adjutant role. These are the main spokespeople for the regiment. If there are Company Tool regiments with leaders not associated with each other, as of right now, they would need to discuss who is representing the regiment in the command and adjutant roles.

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