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Thread: The Bully Sixth!

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    The Bully Sixth!

    As soon as I posted this I realized that it should have been posted in the Companies sub-forum. I'm bad at forums and cant find a way to delete this and post a new one in that. This can be moved, right?

    This forum post is definitely a work in progress but I felt like I needed at least something up. So this will look a lot better in the coming weeks.

    Live Free or Die!

    We are The 6th New Hampshire and we are quite different than most other companies in War of Rights. We appeal to the type of player who doesn't have the time to attend multiple drills or events every week. We are very laid back and just want to have fun playing the game. In battle, we behave more like a sharpshooter or dismounted cavalry unit. Meaning we mainly focus on avoiding our main line to flank the enemy and go deep behind enemy lines. Though we are not opposed to occasionally sending off a few volleys ourselves.

    Are you too impatient to get in a formation then march out into a firing line? Do you hate drilling? Are you too busy to commit any specific amount of time to a game? If you answered yes to any of these, then The Bully Sixth is the company for you!

    If you're interested, join our Discord server and talk with any member of the company to see if we're the right fit. There's even a convenient channel that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make a Company Tool account and join the company!

    Everyone's a Daddy in The Bully Sixth!

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