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Thread: Server Admins - Useful Commands

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    Can you kick from spectate as well? What if it's the color bearer whose kicked, will the flag drop?

    It's pretty cool that the weather can change. The only thing about commands which can interfere with the gameplay such as changing the weather or messing with tickets or changing maps is that they should have a system message stating that an anonymous admin changed it to the server or ended the round, etc. Other admins should be able to see who's doing commands as well with their own set of messages that only they can see. I can already foresee the circumstances for random and jovial abuse being high. For now it's good. But the last thing I'd like is to be sitting around wondering who's messing with things and have to refer to a server log. People get comfortable and anonymity makes them bold.
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    I just recently rented a server to test, and I can run the regular admin commands, etc. but some of the options mentioned here don't seem to work anymore.

    In particular, the following settings don't seem to do anything or change:

    I also tried adding these variables to the privileges.xml commands list, but they still won't change. Are these parameters still available to be changed or have they been locked down from server customization? Or is there a step I am missing?

    Also, I saw this post in another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by O'Rourke View Post
    You can change any variable in the game using the admin.command after adding the variable to privileges.xml.
    Is that still true? I wanted to experiment with some customizations but I find a lot of commands and variables are actually locked, even as Admin for the server, even after adding them to the privileges.xml command list. Is there a way for an Admin to unlock them?

    Also, the server.log is always empty for some reason. Is there a setting I need to turn on to log connections/steamID/IP etc.?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Admin controls are very buggy. At least it seems like that to me. The kicks only sometimes work, the ban never work, weather on the drill server. Im sure there are more I'm forgetting. Make me miss the old school /rcon days

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