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Thread: Server Admins - Ingame Admin Tool

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    How to find SteamIDs

    The SteamID is located in the url once a player has been found and selected
    Steam Search:

    If the players SteamID from the previous link is not a number, then use this method, insert the whole steam URL from the previous URL
    The SteamID to use is the numbers in steamID64
    SteamID Finder:

    I also updated the OP

    But let me also mention that generally we recommend you to just use the ingame tools to ban players where knowing the SteamID is not required. Either by looking at a player and pressing E or by right clicking on a player in the Tab menu. The only time you would need to know the actual SteamID to ban someone, would be if the player you want to ban is not currently present on the server and you therefore have to manually enter admin.command banuser 1239812093234324 into the console. This command with only supplying the ID as a parameter will also result in a permanent ban.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [5thFL(B)] Cpt. Carroll View Post
    Might want to share with admins how you tracked down the “hard” Id.
    Might not want to be a jerk to the devs...

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    Thanks Spades, I didn't realize I was being a jerk. I did learn something today regarding the steam ID, so its a good day after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [5thFL(B)] Cpt. Carroll View Post
    I didn't realize I was being a jerk
    " Did you click my link i sent you?

    My steam name is "[5thFL(B)] Cpt. Carroll"

    I changed my steam ID to "ProvingMyselfRight" just now.. but my steam name is the same. " mistake!

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    You are still my BFF.


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    Is there a way to permanently turn off autobalance? Thanks in advance!

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    Is there a way to rebind the admin key? It's very much in the way. I've both accidentally switched maps and accidentally banned someone before. I'd never use a key I routinely type as a bind such as that if given a choice.
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    Is there a command for teleporting to a player or teleport a player to myself?

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    Is it possible to deactivate auto bans?  02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus Decimus Meridius View Post
    Is it possible to deactivate auto bans?
    No, please no!! He just want's to get away with murder of his Lieutenants... Please guys, spare me!

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