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Thread: Aussies and Kiwis in the American Civil War

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    Aussies and Kiwis in the American Civil War

    Did you know around 140 Australians and New Zealanders fought in the ACW?

    There’s even a website dedicated to them:

    Not many of our ancestors fought in this conflict but considering we’re half a world away I was surprised how much influence the ACW had on Australian geopolitics at the time. There were several shipping incidents on Australian shores involving tensions between North and South and even the Russians were involved.

    Interesting overview here courtesy of Wikipedia

    And this is an interesting book about 42 Aussies who joined the Confederacy and allegedly fired the last shots of the Civil War.


    Feel free to contribute any other information about Aussies or Kiwis.

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    Very cool! Nice find, I had no idea people on the other side of the world knew or cared what was going on during the time.

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