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Thread: Gilmore's West Virginia Cavalry (Company L)

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    Gilmore's West Virginia Cavalry (Company L)


    Gilmore's West Virginia Cavalry is a new regiment formed from the 1st Vermont Cavalry after War of Rights was released on steam. We are a small force with only 2 members at the moment and hope to gain more over the new year. We hope to one day grow to 10 players, and after that hopefully 30. But we are willing to put forth the effort in training our troops in the tactics of the cavalry of the time period. As we grow we hope to be reconized by the other regiments as an official force in the Union Army. We wish you all good luck on the battle field.

    Death to the rebels and god save the union!

    Our Ranks:
    Sergeant Major

    Our application (Either A PM me on here. Or B Contact me on steam with the application my steam name is [WVCav](Co.L] Cpt.Riko Travis )
    Date of Brith:
    Steam Name:
    Forum Name:

    And Answer these questions.
    1. Why do you want to join Gilmores' West Virginia Cavalry Company L?
    2. What can you offer our regiment?
    3. Do you currently own War Of Rights?
    3a. If so What times will you be able to be online?
    3b. If not, when do you think you will be able to purchase the game?
    4. Will you assist in growing our ranks?

    Our Current Members
    Riko Travis (that is me)
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    Thanks, my first attempt at making a regiment was way back when there wasn't enough players to attempt to recruit. Hopefully this time it will be better.

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    Good luck

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    Yeah We're going to need it since every other company/ regiment out there has a head start.... And show no signs of stopping.

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