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Thread: Drill Camp Firing Range Improvements

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    Quote Originally Posted by EneCtin View Post
    Shooting the 125m while actually seeing the details of the target would be an improvement. That goes for the whole game, not just the firing range, and not just at max details
    We are limited by pixels as any other game.

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    We are limited by pixels as any other game.

    - Trusty
    Thank you, yes, but most objects have blurry contours due to , idk, antialiasing, and this turns problematic for small objects. In the example above, the inner circle's lines and center at 125m could be clearly visible albeit pretty small, whereas now the inner circle is a blotch of beige with some darker pixels suggesting the lines.
    Bottom line is, graphics are much blurrier than other similar sized objects in other similar games. At least this is my experience at the medium low settings my PC can run a moderately 15fps at the top of the action (I'm used to 60fps high detail alas)

    Hm, would it be possible to turn right off some visual options, not only having them on low, which means fewer calculations at the expense of applying that modifier over a bigger zone, effectively making things blurry instead of less detailed?
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