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    Old Pennsylvania

    (Last updated 1/10/19)

    To provide a competitive and troll-free gaming environment enjoyable for both regular gameplay and events.

    This will be accomplished through a collaborative meritocracy. Admins will be selected from anyone interested, mature, and active.

    Steam Group:

    Website: Coming soon

    There will be no events until passwords are implemented into the game.

    In the long run events will be planned in advance, have multiple admins present, and have clear-cut rules that are not easily misunderstood. Servers are expected to understand the rules and their entrance into the passworded server or decision to remain once an event is initiated will be their acceptance to follow them.

    No exploiting.
    No intentional TKing - this includes of stuck players.
    No intentional Team Wounding.
    No spamming of the written chat.
    No Mic Spamming obnoxious sounds.
    No Mic Spamming of Music - if players complain, you must stop.
    No leaving of the formation as flag bearer with malicious intent.
    Gameplay Suggestions:

    Old Pennsylvania Discord:

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    The server is down for now but it'll be back when I'm ready to focus on it more. It's just a waste of money so far.
    Gameplay Suggestions:

    Old Pennsylvania Discord:

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