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Thread: Bad Battalion - Fictional Union Army Battalion

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    Bad Battalion - Fictional Union Army Battalion

    79th 'Cameron Highlanders' New York Volunteer Infantry, Company D - 1st United States Sharpshooters, Company B

    79th New York Infantry Historical Information
    The 79th New York were built mainly of Scottish-American volunteers who were led by one Samuel Mackenzie Elliot.
    Prior a doctor, Samuel M. Elliot signed up and reached the rank of Lt. Col. in of the Army of the Potomac. The 79th fought in over 20 battles,
    including the Siege of Knoxville and the beginning skirmishes of the Battle of Petersburg.
    1st United States Sharpshooters Historical Information
    The 1st U.S. Sharpshooters (Berdan’s Sharpshooters) are Veterans of the Second Battle of
    Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Cold Harbor.
    Company B of the 1st US . Sharpshooters originally mustered in Albany, New York and were historically commanded by Captain Stephen

    Historical Images


    Battalion Information
    This is a fictional battalion created to link companies that would
    otherwise, be unconnected, and as their loyal soldiers did,
    our soldiers must uphold the reputation of the military both on and off.
    the battlefield. This battalion is a fun and relaxed battalion in downtime,
    however, strict discipline and maturity is expected during training,
    exercises and battalion meetings. This battalion consists of
    the 79th New York Infantry and the 1st United States Sharpshooters.
    Rules are found in the company discord.

    Joining the Battalion as a Company
    To join the Battalion as a Company, or to merge your company with any company already within the company
    please contact Lieutenant Colonel Samuel M. Elliot through Discord or Steam.
    If you have any outstanding questions then feel free to contact any Company Staff. We are very limited in our
    acceptance of companies into the battalion, this does not mean we will not take small companies, it simply means
    company buildup and composition need to meet our plans to build the battalion.

    In order to join the companies belonging to the battalion you must enlist at the following location;

    79th Infantry Company D Enlistment

    79th Infantry Company E Enlistment

    1st US Sharpshooters Enlistment

    We also request that you add your officers on steam, which you can do by pressing the button below.
    Bad Battalion has an age limit and basic behavioural requirements in joining such as MATURITY and DISCIPLINE

    We will also require our soldiers to have the ability to use discord and the ability to communicate,
    preferably through the use of a microphone.

    *Add us on steam*

    Rank Structure
    The rank structure is to be followed at all times by all members. If you have any question do not be afraid to ask the NCO's, they know information that may be useful to you! However, if you have any vital questions feel free to contact an NCO or other company staff on the discord.

    Commissioned Officer

    1st Lieutenant
    2nd Lieutenant

    Non Commissioned Officer

    Sergeant Major
    Company QM Sergeant
    First Sergeant



    Available Medals
    More medals will become available in the near future, however, for now, we have the following;

    Civil War Campaign Medal

    This medal is for those that show dedication to the company
    for a period length equal to or longer than 3 months
    Medal of Honor

    This medal is for those who show gallantry and intrepidity
    at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

    Distinguished Service Cross
    Silver Star Medal
    Bronze Star Medal
    Legion of Merit
    Soldiers Medal

    Purple Heart
    Meritorious Service Medal
    Army Commendation Medal
    Army Achievement Medal

    NCO Professional Dev. Ribbon
    Army Service Ribbon
    Army Good Conduct Medal

    Combat Infantryman Badge
    Expert Infantryman Badge
    Recruiter Badge

    Expert Marksman Badge
    Rifle Clasp

    These medals are not historically accurate, and may not even exist and are simply for
    our troops to feel proud of achievements and of any work they have done.


    Battalion Roster

    79th New York Company D

    Commissioned Officers
    Captain: Samuel M Elliot
    1st Lieutenant: TBA
    2nd Lieutenant: Dylan Love

    Platoon One
    Sergeant Major Scott Davidson NPD
    Corporal C. Corvo
    Corporal J. Tat MM
    Private First Class D. MacDonald
    Private First Class M.P. Nitz
    Private G. Gebus
    Private G. Gonzo
    Private D. Kane
    Private S. Sandwich
    Private K. Ryans
    Private H. Heever
    Private J. Kyle
    Private H. Heever
    Private M. Crossfire
    Recruit R. Harland
    Recruit L. Kirkpatrick
    Recruit B. Beckstrom

    Platoon Two

    Recruit Houston Maroon
    79th New York Company E

    Commissioned Officers
    Captain: A. Atlante
    1st Lieutenant: TBA
    2nd Lieutenant: TBA

    Platoon One

    Platoon Two

    Recruit Houston Maroon
    1st United State
    Sharpshooters Company B


    Commissioned Officers
    Captain: TBA
    1st Lieutenant: TBA
    2nd Lieutenant: J. McTangus

    Platoon One
    First Sergeant W. Webster
    Corporal S.E. Perry
    Corporal N. Servies
    Private J. Dawes
    Private D. Normous
    Private H. Cockring III
    Private I. Dilinger
    Private J. Hamlin
    Private J. Hendricks
    Private R. Kenfield
    Private T. McNugget
    Private V. Lichtenstein
    Private W. Blue IIII
    Private W. Jon Nickleson
    Recruit J. Ojang

    Platoon Two


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    Good Luck you lads

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    Really good company im glad im here

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    After some inactivity, which is no ones fault but my own I am very happy to announce that this company/battalion is back alive and kicking!

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